New Year’s resolutions are hard. So we did them for you.
Start your 2014 off right with ten Riverside resolutions:

1. Get fit
You won’t get in shape checking email, but you can by
walking or biking with Mayor Rusty Bailey.
Get Fit, Fresh and Fun, Riverside!
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2. Make more connections
Stay connected and find out what’s happening
in the City of Riverside by following our social media sites.
Get news, information, videos, photos
and much more.
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3. Spend more time with family
Resolve to spend more time with your family by attending
the First Sundays program. First Sundays is a seasonal series
of free family programs featuring different activities
for children and teens at six different
locations downtown.
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4. Save more
Saving money can be hard, especially after the holidays,
but how about saving water and energy?
Riverside Public Utilities has some amazing
rebates for reducing your water and
energy consumption.
Save more now…

5. Get a better job
Let’s face it, dream jobs are hard to find, and daily
commutes are such a grind. Why not apply for a good job
close to home? It’s easy and you can do it all online from the comfort
of home, even in your pajamas.
Dreams jobs start here…

and here…

6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Start off 2014 by recycling your old electronic appliances
gathering dust, like that boom box you keep thinking
will come back in style.
Donate your ewaste here…

7. Volunteer
We know you have mad skills, and it’s time you gave those
back to the community. Riverside residents have a long history of
community involvement, and the City appreciates the time
and efforts of volunteers and interns who help with
various services and projects.
Volunteer today…

8. Eat more fruits and vegetables
Resolving to eat healthy in 2014? Start by shopping at the
Downtown Farmers Market between 5th & 6th Streets every
Saturday from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.  You’ll find fresh fruits, vegetables,
cheeses, bread, fish, hummus, flowers and much more.
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9. Shop local!
When you shop in Riverside, it helps improve your community.
Every time you purchase an item or service from a Riverside business,
sales tax dollars come back to the City to fund fire, police, museum, park,
transportation, public works, youth programs and more. Get a 2014
Shop Riverside Community Card… and save even more!

10. Be a Champion for Riverside
Haters are so 2013. Start the new year with nothing but love for Riverside.
Riverside has Champions of all ages and backgrounds making
a positive impact on the community.
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