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A selective listing of online resources.

One-Stop Shop Resources

Yahoo Finance: News By Industry

For current news and press releases about various industries, including Financial (insurance), Energy (coal), Basic Materials (chemicals), Capital Goods (construction), Health Care (drugs), Services (restaurants), etc. Can search by industry sector or alphabetical (Advertising-water utilities).

BizWeb: Business Guide to the Web

Web business guide to over 46,000 companies listed in over 200 categories. (Antiques to Web Software) Companies are categorized and listed by the goods or services they provide.

Business Information on the Internet

Business Information on the Internet is a free directory of screened and reviewed business information sites on the Internet. The sites are selected by information professional and are categorized into sections such as Market & Industry Research, Industry Sectors, Statistics, Country Specific Information, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Financials & Annual Reports. Each section provides “key starting points” and then gives an annotated description and link for each included site.


The Information Advisor's Best Business websites E-letter, which is a monthly review of the best business research sites that they have come across. Free subscription.


IPL Associations on the Net

The IPL Associations on the Net (AON) is a collection of over 2000 Internet sites providing information about a wide variety of professional and trade associations, cultural and art organizations, political parties and advocacy groups, labor unions, academic societies, and research institutions. Abstracts summarizing information about the association and its site are provided.

Industry Classification

Standard Industrial Classification System

This service searches the 1987 Standard Industrial Classification Code by keyword. Provides the SIC code description and list of typical products/services covered, as found in the hardcopy SIC Manual.

NAICS (North American Industry Classification System)

This site, provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lets you search for a NAICS (2002) code or translate a SIC (1987) code to a NAICS code, and vice versa. The NAICS system replaces the Canada, Mexico, and United States separate classification systems with one uniform system for classifying industries.

Market Research

Market Research.com

The company that acquired Find/SVP offers more than 2.3 million reports from over 950 leading research firms. Buy the whole report or "by the slice" (chapter). Also has Market Looks, an 8-10 page summary on specific industries. Free Registration.

Mind Branch

MindBranch is a one-stop-shop for syndicated and custom industry research from 350 independent research firms. Register to receive updates on reports, newsletters, databases, and company & financial profiles for your industry. Good source for free table of contents. Free registration.

Plunkett Research

Plunkett Research, Ltd. is a publisher of market research reports who is mostly interested in selling their product. But online they provide ample information about the state of various industries free of charge. Some categories are still being developed.

ClickZ Stats: Trends & Statistics The Web's Richest Source

ClickZ Stats (formerlyCyberAtlas) is the Web marketer's guide to online facts. The site provides readers with valuable statistics, demographics, surveys, and web marketing information. One of the unique features is its Stats Toolbox, which provides links to over 100 regularly updated statistics.


A leading information and resource website for those involved in marketing, market research, advertising, selling, promotion, and other marketing-related areas. Includes many free highly detailed tutorials, on important marketing topics such as “how to evaluate market research reports,” “how to write a marketing plan”,etc.

Advertising Age

Premier marketing magazine. Daily news. Check out their Data Center for all sorts of advertising-related statistics, including salary surveys, and newspapers and magazines with the highest circulation.

Export Navigator

Export Navigator is a search engine that offers Internet access to 10,000 FREE international market reports (not older than 2 years) published by reliable sources. No registration or password is required.

Industry Surveys


Click survey (Research Tools) for specific surveys for countries and industries.

Financial Times

The Financial Times publishes approximately 240 surveys annually which appear with copies of the newspaper most days of the week. Topics include financial markets, global industries, business management and developed and emerging countries. FT.com publishes these surveys as soon as they are available. Requires subscription.

News & Notes BizJournals.com

Access to local business journals. Full text to selected articles and access to archives is free. Stories from the print edition are put up on the site on Monday morning; updates to each journals web page are posted during the day.

Newspapers Online

Online newspapers. Especially good for obscure newspapers. Links to business news, entertainment sites, industry publications, religious newspapers, and State Press publications. Also lists Top 10 & Top 100 newspapers, college newspapers, and best weather pages.

AJR NewsLink

Links to business media sources all over the globe. Business newspapers, magazines, radio/TV stations, and media resources.

CNN: The Financial Network

Current financial, business, and management news. Includes information on commodities, currencies, interest rates, U.S. markets, World markets and a lot more.

Business Wire

Daily updated news on major US corporations, including Fortune 1000 and NASDAQ companies. Business Wire is the leading source for full-text breaking news releases, multimedia and regulatory filings for companies and groups throughout the world. Free registration is the only way to see the full text of any news release. You may also set custom profiles to view and track news by geography, language, industry, subject or company preference.

PR Newswire

Comprehensive distribution network of breaking news releases of organizations worldwide. View news by agency, company, feature, industry, subject (e.g., government & policy, new products/services, surveys/polls & research), et. al.

Business Week

Readers will find the full text and graphics for each week's issue, archived cover stories back to 1995, as well as hundreds of other stories. An archive back to January, 1991 is available, searching free, full-text for a fee. Also has the Maven Business Week Computer Buying Guide, daily business news, stock quotes, business school rankings, an hourly RealAudio broadcast of business news, and more.