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Adult Summer Reading Program

When does the program start and how long does it run?

Registration begins Saturday, 13 June 2015, and the program runs for 9 weeks. The last day to register is Saturday, 1 August 2015. Ratings and reviews of books will be accepted through 15 August 2015, and the Grand Prize Drawing will take place on Sunday, 16 August.


Who is eligible to participate?

Any Riverside Public Library cardholder age 19+ whose card is in good standing. (Good standing means the fines on the card do not exceed $5.00 and no checked-out items are more than 14 days overdue.)


I don’t have an RPL card but would like to get one. What do I do?

Follow this link to our online registration page. You’ll find detailed information on how to obtain a card.


Does it cost anything to participate in the Adult Summer Reading Program?

No! Participation is like J Lo’s love: it don’t cost a thing. (And no, Mizz Reader cannot accept gratuities. Really. But thank you for the gesture.)


Is registration for the Adult Summer Reading Program online only?

Yes. Our Adult Summer Reading Program is being conducted solely online. You can use your RPL library card to log on to the computers at any of our 8 branches to register for and participate in the program.


Do I have to use the computers at an RPL branch to register for and participate in the program?

No. You can use your personal computer to register for and participate in the program from the comfort of your own home. (Or favorite coffee shop. Or wherever you can nab some free Wi-Fi.)


Do the books I read need to be related to the theme “Read to the Rhythm”?

No. You can read any title in any genre on any subject you choose. The material you read, however, MUST be titles you check out from our RPL catalog in order to count as an entry in the weekly prize drawings and the Grand Prize drawing.


Is there a limit to the number of books for which I can submit reviews each week?

No. The sky’s the limit. Which is to say, there is no limit. Except the sky. Next question.


Do eBooks books count?

Yes! As long as they are titles you have checked out through RPL’s 3M Cloud library or the enki Library.


Does listening to an audiobook count?

Yes! As long as it’s an audiobook you have checked out through RPL’s catalog.


Do graphic novels count?

Yes! As long as they are titles you have checked out through RPL’s catalog.


Do Young Adult books count?

Yes! As long as they are titles you have checked out through RPL’s catalog.


Does viewing and reviewing the movie version of a book count?

Although there are many wonderful screen adaptations of many wonderful books (Lord of the Rings Trilogy—talk amongst yourselves), viewing them does not count for the Adult Summer Reading Program. Mizz Reader, sadly, must decline to accept reviews of them.


What if I really, really want to submit a review on a book that is not in the RPL catalog?

Mizz Reader admires your tenacity. If you are willing to donate a copy of the book so we can add it to our library’s collection, you may then submit a review. (Caveat: the title must first be approved by our Collections Development team. Shoot Mizz Reader an email, and she will get the ball rolling for you.)


If I read a book to my child, can I review that title as part of my Adult Program participation—even if I’m also counting that title towards my child’s Summer Reading Program participation?

Absolutely! All reading counts. (See next FAQ for a more detailed explanation of why this is so.)


I notice people are submitting reviews of children’s books they are reading to their munchkins. Are Adult Summer Reading Program participants required to select books matching their “reading level” in order to participate? 

No. This is directly from the Director of the Riverside Public Library. Participants are encouraged to select books that interest them. The Library takes this position for several reasons, chiefly among them:

__The Library and SRP exist to promote literacy and reading—not only “reading at grade level.” The Library is an information institution that promotes free access and self-directed lifelong learning; we’re not a formal educational institution with reading rules and guidelines. Among the main tenets of public libraries is the Freedom to Read (a longstanding position of the American Library Association). This freedom includes the selection of materials without filtering, banning, or otherwise suppressing the reader’s choice. The reader selects the genre, author, format, length, word count, etc. that best fit his/her tastes.

__The Library’s SRP rules state “readers should select books at their level,” not “their tested reading level.” Their level may be a picture book for a mature adult and a classic novel for a preteen. Setting a “level” at which readers must read in order to participate may immediately exclude some readers from participating (i.e. new immigrants, second language learners who may choose to read in English during the program, adults with lower reading levels such as those in our Literacy Program, teens who enjoy picture books, adults who enjoy young adult books, etc.).

__The Library has no means to monitor leveled reading. “YA books,” “Chapter books,” “Adult books” all mean different things to different people. And it should, because it’s all about the reader.

What do I have to do to qualify for the weekly drawing?

Submit an online review for each book or eBook you read or each audiobook you listen to from the RPL catalog, and voila! Your name will be entered into the drawing one time for each of your online submissions.


How will the weekly drawing winner be determined?

Weekly winners will be determined by a random drawing. (As Effie Trinket would say, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”)


When will the weekly drawing take place and how will participants be notified?

The random drawing will take place each Saturday throughout the 9-week program. (The cutoff time and date for submission of reviews for each week’s drawing is midnight on the Friday before the drawing.) The Grand Prize Drawing will take place on Sunday, 16 August. (No reviews will be accepted after midnight on 15 August.) Mizz Reader will personally email each winner, and the winners’ usernames will be posted on our blog.


What are the prizes being awarded each week?

The prizes, which will be awarded each Saturday, are as follows:

Week 1: $40.00 gift card to the Regal Cinemas Riverside Plaza Movie Theatre

Week 2: Friends of the Library canvas bookbag and $10 FOL Gift Certificate good towards Pay DVDs and FOL items at the Branch of your choice.

Week 3: $30 Downtowne Bookstore gift certificate

Week 4: $25 Cellar Door Books gift certificate

Week 5: $20 Farmer Boys gift card

Week 6: $15  Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift card

Week 7: $25 Target  gift card

Week 8: $20 Back to the Grind gift certificate

Week 9: $25 Antonious Pizza Cafe on Main gift certificate 


What is the Grand Prize?

The Grand Prize is a Kindle Fire 7″ Tablet (8 GB)–generously made possible by the Friends of the Library.


Can a participant win more than one weekly prize since the drawing is random?

No. Once a participant has won a weekly prize, she or he is no longer eligible to win another weekly prize.


Is a participant who wins a weekly prize still eligible for the Grand Prize drawing?

Yes! Although no participant can win more than one weekly prize, ALL participants who submit 5 or more book reviews online are eligible for the Grand Prize drawing.


How do I qualify for the final Grand Prize drawing on 16 August 2015?

All participants who have reviewed a total of 5 or more books (or audio books) over the course of the 9-week program will be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing for the Kindle Fire 7″ Tablet. Your name will be entered for this random drawing one time for each title you read and review from the RPL catalog.


Do I have to write a review, or can I simply rate my books to be eligible for the weekly prizes or the Grand Prize?

Although Mizz Reader would like to encourage you to submit a review (note: even 1 word reviews count, such as “Ugh” or “Hella!”), no, you do not have to write a review in order for the book to count. All you have to do is submit the title, author, genre, and a rating of 1 to 5 stars.


How does the rating system work?

Mizz Reader herself often gets confused on rating systems. (The same way she often confuses her left and her right. She has been told, however, this is a sign of genius, and she chooses to believe it.) Here’s how the rating system works:

5 stars: Valedictorian

4 stars: Salutatorian

3 stars: An underachiever with heart

2 stars: An underachiever

1 star: Does not play well with others


Are book ratings and reviews accepted online only?

Yes. Our Adult Summer Reading Program is being conducted solely online. You can use your RPL library card to log on to the computers at any of our 8 branches to participate in the program.


What does it mean that “[r]eviews become the intellectual property of the library and may be used accordingly, under such ownership”? Just what do you people plan on doing with my reviews anyway?

Mizz Reader assures you this is not as nefarious as the formal wording might make it sound. You may have noticed the links on the bottom of our library homepage highlighting staff picks, best sellers, new fiction and new nonfiction. We have also added a link for SRP Reviews–the place where YOUR reviews are highlighted for the general public! It’s a good thing!


Will you edit the reviews submitted to the program?

Mizz Reader will vet all submissions to ensure no objectionable content is posted on the Adult Summer Reading website. (Trolls: consider yourself warned.) She is not, however, a red-pencil packing kind of gal. She will not edit submissions for grammar, spelling, or punctuation.


I do not want my full name to appear on my reviews for reasons of privacy.

Mizz Reader feels you—so no worries! You will create a username for your online presence; your real name will never be attached to your ratings and reviews.


I see you accept reviews in Spanish. Will you have a separate page or section for Spanish-language submissions?

¡La Señora Reader invita suus reseñas de libros en español! Rather than host separate pages, however, we will publish all reviews on one unified site.


Are Library employees and their family members eligible to participate in the program?

By all means!


Are Library employees and their family members also eligible to win the weekly prize drawings and the Grand Prize?

Mizz Reader hates to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm, but no, Library employees and their family members are not eligible to win the weekly prizes or the Grand Prize.


Is it true that if one has got rhythm, one has got music, and one has got his or her main squeeze, one could not ask for anything more? 

Only daisies in green pastures, starlight, and sweet dreams, Fellow Reader.



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