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Summer Reading Program

Cock-a-doodle-do*, Fellow Readers, and welcome to the 2nd Annual Online Summer Reading Program for Adults! (Why let the kids have all the fun?) This year’s theme honors our animal friends with Paws to Read. (Or, as Mizz Reader calls it in honor of her alpha female feline Mimi, Claws to Read.)

*And yes, the corny animal references are only going to get worse from here…

 Information on how to register is now posted here on our blog

The program will run for  9 weeks–14 June to 16 August—with a chance for you to win a prize each week. Here’s how it works: for every book or eBook you read (or audiobook you listen to) from the Riverside Public Library’s catalog, you’ll submit a rating and a short review to the Summer Reading Program website. Your name will then be entered into our weekly random prize drawing one time for each of your submissions. (See our FAQs to find out what you can win! A huge shoutout to the generous sponsors who are making this possible—check out their links above right.) Participants who read (or listen to) 5 or more books during the 9 weeks of the program will also be entered into our Grand Prize drawing for a litter of Alaskan Malamute puppies.

JUST KIDDING! The Grand Prize this year, thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Library, is a Kindle Fire 7″ 8GB.

Winners’ names will be announced each Saturday on our blog. 

Registration for the adult program is entirely online, and all reviews will be posted online, as well. You can create a username for your account (your name will not appear on your reviews—total anonymity!), and you’ll also have the ability to upload an avatar. The best part: all your summer reading titles and reviews will be cached for you! All you need is a valid RPL card to get started.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot an email to Mizz Reader!

Here’s to a catastic, dogalicious summer filled with shared reviews of good books and loads of squee,

Mizz T. Rae Reader

P.S. ¡La Señora Reader invita sus reseñas de libros en español!


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