My time as Chief of Police for the Riverside Police Department has been a time of constructive change, fresh insights, and new beginnings.

The Riverside Police Department is a department of dedicated professional police officers and civilian personnel committed to providing the highest quality of service and protection to the community. The department continues to strengthen its relationships with the community by effectuating an inclusive collaboration of law enforcement, citizens, community agencies, political leaders, and public information services.

On March 5, 2001, the City of Riverside and the Attorney General of the State of California entered into a five-year Stipulation for Entry of Judgment. I view the Stipulated Judgment as a chance for the Department to implement substantive changes while highlighting the efforts and accomplishments of all the men and women who endeavor to serve their community with integrity and courage. The Stipulated Judgment also presents an opportunity for positive organizational change and provides resources for utilizing the most up to date advancements in both training and technology. I regard the objectives outlined in the Stipulated Judgment as a challenge for each of us to achieve our personal best and for the Riverside Police Department to be known and respected as a best practices model organization.

It is the priority of the Department to promote continued education to maximize training opportunities for our officers, command staff, and civilian employees. Technical advancements and the ongoing development of comprehensive data collection programs are also essential for the most efficient delivery of services, improved public safety, and departmental accountability. With a renewed  commitment to excellence and a focus on state of the art technology, the Riverside Police Department plans to be well prepared to meet the challenges ahead.

It is the intention of this department not only to provide the reactive services necessary to ensure public safety but also to commit to providing the proactive services that will enhance the unity within our community. By listening to our collective voices, both internally and externally, the Riverside Police Department and the citizens of Riverside will build bridges of trust that encourage mutual respect and positive change in the 21st Century.


The Office of the Chief of Police  is divided into the following sections:

  • Department Administration
  • Internal Affairs
  • Media Relations
  • Personnel and Training
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Attorney General Compliance Task Force

The responsibilities of the Office of the Chief of Police include:

  • The total administration of the department.

  • Investigation of all misconduct.

  • Coordination of community programs, public information and other human relations functions.

  • Management, coordination and preparation of civil litigation matters with appropriate legal representative, and the coordination of on-duty injuries with risk management, labor relations, personnel training, recruitment and background investigations.

The Riverside Police Department is open to review and is strictly accountable for its conduct.  Police employees are expected to maintain themselves in a manner consistent with a standard of professionalism necessary to ensure safety in the community.  The Internal Affairs division is responsible for the investigation of allegations of police officer misconduct within the department.  For more information regarding Personnel Conduct Reporting procedure:


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