Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.)
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of guns do you carry?

We carry .40 caliber handguns and are issued either a MP-5 sub-machine gun or a Benelli shotgun.

2. How many members are on the SWAT Team?

There are twenty-four (24) members on the team. Eight (8) officers are assigned to the full-time team (METRO) and sixteen (16) officers are assigned as collateral duty officers.

3. Why do you evacuate homes and other buildings during SWAT Call-outs?

During any incident the SWAT Team is activated for, our primary concern is public safety. Therefore, when SWAT officers respond to an incident, we evacuate homes and other buildings to ensure public safety.

4. Why do you wear hoods?

The hoods are made of Nomex, which is a material that is fire resistant. This protects SWAT officers from the chemical, fire or glass hazards we may encounter.

5. Why do SWAT operations take so long to complete?

Our goal is the public’s safety. Therefore, we plan a great deal before conducting any SWAT operation, in the hopes that the incident can be resolved with the least amount of damage to property and the safe apprehension of the suspect(s) involved. Due to the lengthy planning, the movement of personnel and the use of all available resources, SWAT operations often take a great deal of time.

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