Riverside Police Department
Press Release

18 Mar 2000

Riverside Police Capture Shot Gun Wielding Female

Riverside, Ca.-At about 5:00 p.m. Riverside Police officers responded to the 6600 block of Jerome regarding a female neighbor who placed a short-barreled shot-gun in another neighbor's face, threatening to kill him. The two neighbors who live next door to each other had been arguing. The female neighbor came back with a shot-gun, and put it up to the victims face and threatened to kill him. The victim fled without getting injured, and the female suspect barricaded herself inside of her residence.

Patrol officers arrived and set up a perimeter around the suspect's house in order to capture her, and prevent her escape. Police made telephone contact with the suspect who yelled and threatened them over the phone. She refused to come out of her house even after repeated pleadings from the police.

The SWAT team was requested, and they responded along with paramedics who were there in case of a medical need.

After about one hour had elapsed, the suspect came outside with her hands in the air. Patrol officers designated as the arrest team moved in and took her into custody without further problems. The shot-gun was found inside of her residence. She was arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon along with other illegal weapon charges. The suspect is Samantha Holt, 37 years old, from Riverside.