City of Riverside
Police Department

4102 Orange Street
Riverside, CA  92501
Investigations: (909) 320-8000


Police Bulletin

December 4, 2002 ARMED ROBBERY Charges:   PC 211



Male/Hisp. 20-22 years, 506/Thin, Short Blk Hair


Not Seen

WEAPON Knife with approximately 6 blade



This robbery occurred on 11/28/02, at 0335 hours, at the AM/PM Arco Gas Station located at 6287 Day Street, City and County of Riverside (City line with Moreno Valley). The suspect entered the store and initially posed as a customer. The suspect then walked behind the counter, pointed a knife at the clerk and demanded money from the cash register. The victim complied. The suspect then ordered the victim to lie down on the floor and not get up.


Stop, Hold & Arrest on Probable Cause. Notify the Riverside Police Department - Robbery Unit - Detective Kevin Stanton: (909) 320-8012 or RPD Communications Bureau: (909) 787-7911 night & weekends.