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Police Bulletin

October 31, 2002 ARMED ROBBERY SERIES Charges:   PC 211




Male.  One victim thought suspectís voice sounded like he was black.  He was masked and gloved.  LSW: Camouflage hunterís hat, large glasses or goggles, dark mask or scarf over face, dark gloves.  Suspect was wearing a long-sleeve gray shirt or a light jacket turned inside out, blue jeans and white tennis shoes.


None seen.


Large frame chrome semi-auto handgun.  Suspect also carried a black gym bag into business for money.


Robbery occurred on 10-20-02 at 2159 hours, just prior to closing.  Victim business is a Subway sandwich shop 3590 Central Ave, Ste 102A, Riverside.  Employees were two females.  Suspect quickly enters the business through the front door, runs to the door leading to the rear and enters the rear counter area.  Suspect pointís gun at victims and orders victims to get on the floor.  Suspect states ďGive me all the money, give me all the money!Ē  Suspect demands money from the safe.  Victim employees tell suspect they donít have combination to safe.  Suspect orders one victim to put the money from the register into the gym bag.  Suspect flees through the front door. 

Please contact the Riverside Police Department, Robbery Unit, with information on this or any similar robberies.


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