Riverside Police Department
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For Immediate Release

Date October 15, 2003
Contact Officer Felix Medina
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Presidential Visit to Riverside

Riverside, Ca-  President George W. Bush arrived in the City of Riverside today, as scheduled, and spoke at an event in the Ben Lewis Hall Convention Center. After his remarks, the President left the event and returned to the Mission Inn.

The Riverside Police Department coordinated security arrangements with the United States Secret Service. Department personnel were supplemented by deputies from the Riverside Sheriff’s Department and officers of the California Highway Patrol. No arrests were made and no injuries, criminal acts or property damage was reported.

Shortly after 6:00pm, a group of approximately 350 protestors marched from the Riverside Superior Courthouse to the area of the area of 5th and Market Streets where they joined another group of about 50 persons. The group demonstrated peacefully and dispersed at about 7:30pm, following the departure of the President from the Convention Center.