21 Sep 1999

Riverside Police Officer Honored at City Council

Riverside, Ca. *Mayor Loveridge presented Riverside Police Motor Officer Paul Arnold with a certificate of appreciation for being selected as the Public Safety Officer of the Month.

On September 1, 1999 Motor Officer Arnold was riding his police traffic motorcycle in the area of 12th street and Ottawa Avenue. He saw a vehicle in the area that matched the description of a car which was used in several robberies. He saw that the two occupants of the vehicle matched the description of the robbery suspects.

Officer Arnold asked police dispatch to give him the license plate number of the wanted vehicle while he followed the car at a distance waiting for the opportunity to get close enough to read the car's license plate. The car stopped in front of 1855 Ohio Street, and Officer Arnold was able to read the license number which dispatch confirmed belonged to the vehicle used in several robberies.

With the help of other officers, Motor Officer Arnold was able to conduct a high risk felony stop and arrest the two alleged robbers. This action along with the outstanding subsequent police investigation has reduced future robberies in the City of Riverside.

Paul Arnold has been a Riverside Police employee for 30 years, and has consistently demonstrated his ability to be observant of criminals in our community.

Riverside Police Host Traffic Safety Fair

Riverside, Ca. *The Riverside Police Department will host a Traffic Safety Fair. The fair will be held at the Castle Amusement Park on Saturday, September 25, 1999, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Traffic related injuries are the leading cause of death and injury among children. The Riverside Police Department and the Riverside EMS Agency are sponsoring the second annual Traffic Safety Fair to combat this problem through education.

Events include a bicycle rodeo, a display of law enforcement helicopters and motorcycles, California Highway Patrol roll-over machine which simulates vehicle crashes and roll-overs, child safety seat classes, and many free drawings to win bicycles, helmets, safety seats, and other prizes.

The event is being co-sponsored by the Riverside County Office of Education, the California Highway Patrol, Mothers against Drunk Drivers, BNSF Railroad, American Medical Response, and many others. For further information, please contact Karen Haverkamp, Traffic Education Coordinator for the Riverside Police Department at (909) 782-5673 or email her at khaver@riversideca.gov. 

 16 Sep 1999

Fatal Traffic Accident

A 12 yr. old girl was the victim of a fatal T/C at the above location. She was crossing Central @ Carlo towards Sierra M.S. She was subsequently struck by a vehicle traveling in the #1 lane of W/B Central. The victim was transported to Riverside Community Hospital where she was pronounced deceased by the E/R staff. There is no indication of alcohol or drug use by any party involved in the collision. Interviews were conducted at the scene. At this time the collision is under investigation as to the cause. The on duty W/C was notified as was Riverside Unified School District personnel and Greg Priamos.

Riverside Man Arrested for Attempted Sexual Molestation of 13 Year Old Girl

Riverside, CA*Detectives from the Riverside Police Department's Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit arrested a 49 year old Robert Lee Laws of Riverside yesterday after he attempted to have sex with a 13 year old girl.

A police detective, posing as a woman, responded to a personal ad Mr. Laws had placed in an adult magazine. During an exchange of letters and phone calls, Mr. Laws agreed to perform several sex acts with a 13 year old girl. He was arrested when he arrived at a motel to meet with the girl and complete the molestation. 

 15 Sep 1999

Riverside Police Host Traffic Safety Fair

Riverside, Ca. *The Riverside Police Department will host a Traffic Safety Fair. The fair will be held at the Castle Amusement Park on Saturday, September 25, 1999, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Traffic related injuries are the leading cause of death and injury among children. The Riverside Police Department and the Riverside EMS Agency are sponsoring the second annual Traffic Safety Fair to combat this problem through education.

Events include a bicycle rodeo, a display of law enforcement helicopters and motorcycles, California Highway Patrol roll-over machine which simulates vehicle crashes and roll-overs, child safety seat classes, and many free drawings to win bicycles, helmets, safety seats, and other prizes.

The event is being co-sponsored by the Riverside County Office of Education, the California Highway Patrol, Mothers against Drunk Drivers, BNSF Railroad, American Medical Response, and many others. For further information, please contact Karen Haverkamp, Traffic Education Coordinator for the Riverside Police Department at (909) 782-5673 or email her at khaver@riversideca.gov. 

 13 Sep 1999

Riverside Police Officer Promoted to Police Sergeant

Riverside, Ca. *On Friday, September 10, 1999, Riverside Police Chief Jerry Carroll promoted Officer Paul Villanueva to the rank of Police Sergeant. Villanueva is currently assigned as the department's Public Information Officer, and functions as a liaison between the department and other organizations such as the media.

Sergeant Villanueva is a 15 year police veteran who started his career with the Long Beach Police Department as a patrol officer. He worked various assignments including gang and narcotics investigations. He achieved the rank of Police Detective, and worked with the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration on a joint task force prior to coming to Riverside.

In 1990, he was hired by the Riverside Police Department, and was assigned to patrol duties. He was selected to work as a narcotics investigator, and functioned in this capacity for several years. After returning to patrol briefly, Villanueva was chosen as the department's Public Education Officer, overseeing various crime prevention programs. From this assignment, he was selected to be the department's Public Information Officer as well. He will again return to patrol duties as a supervisor. 

 9 Sep 1999

Police Officers Will Race in Mini Grand Prix

Riverside, Ca. *This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, the 11th and 12th of September, the seventh annual mini grand prix will be coming to downtown Riverside. The Riverside Police Officer's Association will sponsor a race team for this event. Police Officers Troy Banks, Jeff Fahy, Tammy Hall, and Chuck Hall will be on the team with Officers Banks and Fahy actually racing the car.

The Parkview Community Hospital Foundation donated the mini racer to the Riverside Police Officer's Association, Fritz Ford painted the car to resemble a miniature police vehicle. Funds for participation in the event were raised through the R.P.O.A. from many local businesses. The proceeds from this event will go to charities and to the Parkview Community Hospital Foundation.

Riverside Police Respond to District Attorney's Announcement Regarding the Decision Not to Prosecute Protesters

Riverside, Ca. *On September 8, 1999, the Riverside County Office of the District Attorney announced that they will not be filing criminal charges against the 74 protesters who were arrested by the Riverside Police Department on May 10, 17, and 24, 1999 for blocking the public entrance to the Police Department.

The Riverside Police Department appreciates that its police officers, supervisors, command staff, and civilian personnel performed professionally and courteously during these demonstrations. The Chief strongly believes that the police department did their job in maintaining public peace and order.

Chief Carroll commented, *I understand that some people will disagree with the District Attorney's decision. However, it is the District Attorney's decision to prosecute or to decline prosecution on criminal charges. The police department or any other entity for that matter cannot make that decision.*

The Riverside Police Department will continue in its strong commitment to maintain public peace and order. 

 7 Sep 1999

Police Employees Receive Golden Bear Award

Riverside, Ca. *Today the Riverside City Council along with Riverside Cal-ID awarded Police Officer Bruce Blomdahl and Police Evidence Technician Tom Irish the Golden Bear Award. The award is given to those police employees who lift and recover at least five latent fingerprints that result in positive identification of a suspect through Cal-Id within a calendar year.

The Golden Bear Award has been in effect for three years. The name Golden Bear originated in keeping with the historical theme of the State of California, and to signify the importance of Riverside Cal-ID within the state's identification system.

Fighting Brothers Set House on Fire

Riverside, CA*On September 6, 1999, at approximately 2:50 P.M., Officers were dispatched to 9959 Fox regarding an assault with a deadly weapon.

Officers located Raymond Guerrero (Hispanic male, DOB: 02-10-54) in a neighbors residence across the street suffering from a head wound. He was later transported to Riverside Community Hospital for treatment. As Officers attempted to contact the suspect, Guerrero's brother, Anthony Guerrero, (Hispanic male, DOB: 01-25-52), at 9959 Fox, an explosion occurred within the residence. Suspect Anthony Guerrero, exited the residence and was transported to SanBernardino County Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The investigation revealed that the brothers had been involved a dispute earlier in the day. The cause of the explosion and subsequent fire is under investigation. 

 2 Sep 1999


[Riverside, California]*On 1 September 1999, at 2118 hours, officers responded to a report of shots fired on Grace Street, south of Lincoln Avenue. Upon arriving they found the victim, a 19 year old Hispanic male, lying on the sidewalk adjacent the apartment complex in the 2800 block of Grace Street. His death appears to have been the result of multiple gunshot wounds.

The case is currently under investigation; there is no additional information available at this time. Anyone with information related to the homicide should contact Detective Gary Devinna at 320-8025, or Detective Steve Shumway at 320-8011.


Riverside, CA*On 09-01-99 at approximately 1:38 P.M. Officers were dispatched to the orange groves on Tyler north of Victoria regarding a possible homicide victim.

Officers contacted grove workers who had located an unidentified female, unknown age. The incident is being treated a s homicide, no suspects have been identified.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to contact Detective Bob Shelton at (909) 320-8049 or Detective Mike Eveland at (909) 320-8024.

1 Sep 1999


Riverside, CA*On 08-31-99 at approximately 2:46 P.M. Officers were dispatched to 2980 Prospect regarding a man down, possibly a shooting victim.

Officers located an unidentified Hispanic male approximately 20 years old in the driveway of 2980 Prospect suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The unidentified male was transported to Riverside Community Hospital, where he later died during surgery. No suspects have been identified.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to contact Detective Fred Kelvington at (909) 320-8062 or Detective Ron Sanfilippo (909) 320-8051.

 31 Aug 1999

Riverside Police Respond to Alleged Racial Document

Riverside, Ca. *On Monday, August 30, 1999, the Riverside Police Department was informed that several news and media agencies had in their possession a document which alleges insensitive racial comments and possible insensitive behavior on the part of police officers.

The department has not seen this document, and therefore cannot comment on it. Also, the Riverside Police Chief and the Police Department are constrained by local and State laws from commenting on personnel issues and internal affairs investigations. These laws protect police officers and the citizens who file complaints against the department. The department relies on administrative, civil, and criminal procedures and laws which form the basis of our legal system to properly investigate issues regarding police misconduct. The Police Department does not conduct these cases in the media.

The City of Riverside and the Police Department have strong policies that prohibit inappropriate racial speech or behavior on the part of all employees. The Riverside Police Department is made up of outstanding individuals who are professional in their speech and conduct. They treat fellow employees and members of the public with equality and with respect.

The media and the public must be confident that the Riverside Police Department thoroughly investigates all complaints. If the investigation confirms the allegations, the Police Department will take appropriate corrective steps, which may include disciplinary action. 

 24 Aug 1999

City Council Awards Police Officer

Riverside, Ca.*On Tuesday, August 24, 1999, at about 10:00 a.m., the Riverside City Council recognized and awarded Riverside Police Officer Brian Money as Public Safety Officer of the Month.

Mayor Ron Loveridge presented the award to Officer Brian Money who accepted the award and introduced his two small children and his father. Officer Money thanked Police Chief Jerry Carroll, Deputy Chief Mike Smith, and Captain Audrey Wilson, who were all present, for nominating him for the award.

Officer Money has been involved with several *problem oriented policing* projects over the past year which has improved the quality of life in various neighborhoods. He observed several abandoned houses being used by drug dealers. Working with Riverside County Code Compliance Officers and California State Parole Agents, he was able to have the houses boarded up and secured, along with several people being arrested for narcotics violations.

Officer Money worked with apartment managers and residents to solve a burglary problem within the complex. After several months, there were over a dozen arrests for burglary, narcotics, vandalism and curfew violations.

His dedication to duty, performance, and commitment to his profession has earned him this prestigious award.

 20 Aug 1999

Riverside Police Promote One to Detective

Riverside, Ca. *On Friday August 20, 1999, Riverside Police Chief Jerry Carroll promoted Officer Derek McGowan an 11 year police veteran to the position of Detective or Police Special Agent.

Derek McGowan's career includes assignments as a patrol officer, S.W.A.T. or Metro team member, and narcotics investigator in a Riverside County narcotic task force. He was hired in May of 1988 as a Police Officer, and was promoted to Detective on August 20, 1999.

 17 Aug 1999

Police Release Composite of Sexual Assault Suspect

Riverside, CA.*Riverside Police Sexual Crimes Unit released a composite drawing of a suspect who entered into a female's residence and sexually assaulted her. On August 10, 1999 at about 9:30 a.m., a male suspect entered the back yard of a residence located at the 4600 block of Lanai Court. He was apparently looking for items to steal, and saw an open window leading to the interior of the house.

The suspect entered the house, and was surprised by the female victim who had just awakened. He tied her up, and continued to look for items to take. He then went back to the victim, and sexually assaulted her before leaving through a rear sliding glass door.

The suspect did not use a weapon, and Detectives believe the crime was originally a burglary and that the sexual assault was one of opportunity and not of planning.

The suspect is described as a Male Hispanic, 5' 9", and weighing about 170 pounds. He has short wavy hair, dark eyes, and a thin mustache. He has a dark complexion, droopy ear lopes, and has a prominent ridge above the eyes. The suspect is Spanish speaking with a Northern Mexico accent. He was last seen wearing a dark blue T-shirt, black shorts, white socks, and dark tennis shoes.

The composite drawing can be obtained at the front counter of the Orange Street Police Station. Any information regarding the identity of this suspect should be directed to Detectives Bradshaw or Kennedy at (909) 320-8057 and (909) 320-8006. 

 15 Aug 1999

Injured Child

Prepared by Sergeant David Amador -Riverside Police
Riverside, Ca. -Police and medical personnel responded to a residence in the 6700 block of Misty Ridge reference a 2+ year old boy who was not breathing and had apparently just choked on a aspirin pill. The call came via 911 at 1722 hours. CPR was initiated by family members and a neighbor until fire department and paramedics arrived. The boy, Isiah Lamont Harris, was transported to Parkview Community Hospital where a heartbeat was established and he was placed on a ventilator. He is currently at Loma Linda Childrens Hospital in very critical condition.

According to family members, the boy was playing with a 6 year old boy on the trunk of his father's car and fell off, hitting his head. The extent of his injuries as a result of this fall are unknown at this time. The aspirin was apparently given to the boy because he complained his head hurt after the fall. An investigation is ongoing by the Riverside Police Department and Child Protective Services. 

 12 Aug 1999


Riverside, CA.* The Riverside Police Department is accepting applications for its Police Citizen Academy, which begins Wednesday, August 18, 1999 and continues for 8 weeks.

The Academy will be held at the Riverside County Office of Education Conference Center located at 3939 13th Street in Riverside each Wednesday from 6:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m.

The Citizen Academy is designed to form a stronger partnership between citizens and the Riverside Police Department through education. Participants will learn about, among other things, the canine, aviation, gang and narcotic units. They will also have firearms familiarization, and learn about many other specialized police programs. Participants will receive an inside look into their local Police Department.

The class size is limited to 30 people, and seats will be given to the first candidates to mail in their applications, and pass an informal background check. All sessions are in a classroom setting and do not involve any physical training.

This is a fun and exciting program that unites the community with the police in promoting positive public safety within the neighborhoods of Riverside.

Information: Officer Paul Villanueva at 782-5894.

Bank robbery at the Union Bank, 3403 10th St.

Riverside, CA.: A lone male suspect entered the Union Bank in Downtown Riverside this morning and robbed it. The suspect presented a demand note to a teller and stated he had a gun. The teller complied with the robber's demands and gave him an undisclosed amount of cash. The suspect fled through the back door and was last seen running N/B Lime St., away from the bank. No one was injured during the robbery.

The suspect was described as: a white male, 30-40 years old, 5'08"-5'10", 180 lbs. The suspect was clean shaven and appeared to be wearing a long black wig pulled into a pony-tail. He was wearing a green short sleeve button down shirt, beige shorts and white socks. The suspect may have had white blotches on his hands and arms. The suspect has been dubbed the *Bad Wig Bandit* and photos are available.

The Riverside Police Department and FBI are investigating the robbery. Any person with information in this case is asked to contact Investigator Mike Medici of the Riverside Police Department Robbery Unit at (909) 320-8058 or Special Agent Mark Enyeart of the Riverside FBI at (909) 248-6532.

Major Injury Collision

Location: Van Buren & Doolittle
Investigating Officers: Patino/Jones
Victims: Edward Sanders 70
Injury/Hospital: Very Serious - Intensive Care @ Riverside Community
Drivers:   Rene Ramirez of Rvsd       Juan Sorto of LA
Narrative of Crime/Incident:
Both drivers of the trucks were S/B Van Buren from Central. Juan was in the number two lane and Rene in the number one lane. As they approached Doolittle, each wanted to change lanes, and as they were doing so, "side collided" with each other. As they collided with each other, Juan did not notice the bicyclist (Edward Sanders) s/b Van Buren and struck him. It's unclear whether the bicyclist was in the bike lane, or the right half of the number two lane. The MAIT team is continuing the investigation to determine the exact cause of the collision, which is undetermined at this time.

 4 Aug 1999

Riverside Police Arrest Five in Bank Robbery

Riverside, Ca. *Riverside Police Officers arrested five persons in connection with a bank robbery at Cal Fed Bank located at 1651 University Avenue. Police believe that four men were involved in the robbery, and a female may be an accomplice in providing an escape vehicle.

At about 9:50 a.m., police were dispatched to the area of Cal Fed Bank regarding four African American men in a brown Cadillac who were allegedly casing the business. Detective Bill Barnes was in the area, and saw the vehicle at the bank. He saw three of the four men run out of the bank, and get into the car and drive very fast east bound on University. He relayed the information to patrol units, and then confirmed with bank employees that an armed robbery did in fact occur with about $4,000.00 taken. The robbers had been armed with handguns.

Patrol Officers arriving at the scene saw the suspects driving away from the bank, and pursued them. The suspects turned north on Cranford Avenue where they lost control of the vehicle, and collided with several parked cars. All four suspects fled the scene. Being assisted by a concerned citizen, the Police caught two suspects immediately, and several handguns were recovered at the collision site. The bank's *dye pack* exploded inside of the car, turning the stolen money bright red. Another male suspect along with a female were arrested further down the block as they appeared to be attempting to flee in another vehicle which was parked at the location. Another male suspect fled over a fence and into an apartment located at Cranford Avenue and Seventh Street. He barricaded himself inside the apartment for almost five hours.

Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) members were called to the scene where they finally made entry into the apartment, and arrested the last suspect without incident. About 30 people had to be evacuated from the neighborhood, and were cared for and fed by the Red Cross which set up a shelter at Bordwell Park located at Martin Luther King Blvd. And Kansas Avenue. At about 3:00 p.m., all residents were allowed to return to their homes.

 2 Aug 1999

Riverside Police Seek Sexual Predator

Riverside, Ca. * Detectives are asking for the public's help in identifying a ruthless and dangerous sexual predator. Today, they released a composite drawing of the suspect who is described as a male Caucasian, about 35 to 40 years old, with sandy blond hair that is cut short with spikes on top. He is over 5' 8" tall and has a lean fit build. He was last seen driving a dirty brown colored four door compact car.

On July 14, 1999, at about 9:00 p.m., the female victim was seated in her car at a convenience store located in the area of Van Buren and Magnolia. The parking lot was full so she parked on the street by the store. She had just opened her door, and was reaching for her purse when the suspect approached her. He placed a hunting type knife to her throat, and forced her into his own vehicle.

The suspect drove the victim to a remote area in Riverside where he sexually assaulted her for several hours. After the assault, he drove the victim back to the area where he originally kidnaped her, and then released her.

The type of assault which traumatized the victim very much made Police Detectives believe that the suspect had committed this kind of crime before, and that he may do it again. More details regarding the assault were not available as the information could jeopardize the investigation. If anyone has any information about this suspect, please telephone Detective Al Kennedy at (909) 320-8006. 

 28 Jul 1999

Possible Homicide Victim Found in Motel Room

Riverside, CA.*On Wednesday, July 28, 1999, at about 11:00 a.m., a motel employee conducting routine maid service at the Riverside Inn Motel, located at 4045 University Avenue, discovered the dead body of a woman in one of the motel rooms. She immediately telephoned the Police Department.

Patrol Officers arrived on the scene and found a deceased woman in one of the motel rooms. They saw evidence within the room that made them suspicious of the cause of death, and they notified Riverside Police Homicide Detectives for assistance.

Homicide detectives arrived with the Crime Scene Evidence Unit to seal off the area, and to conduct an investigation. Detectives at the scene could not disclose any more detailed information regarding the crime scene because doing so may jeopardize their investigation into the death.

The deceased's identity is not known at this time, and the cause of death is pending the Riverside County Coroner's report. Anyone that may have information about the death may telephone Detective K. Kensinger at (909) 320-8034 or Detective S. Bradshaw at (909) 320-8057.

 27 Jul 1999

Riverside Police Department Helps Celebrate National Night Out

Riverside, CA.*On August 3, 1999, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the Riverside Police Department encourages neighborhoods to celebrate the 16th annual National Night Out, a drug and crime prevention event. Neighbors throughout Riverside are hosting block parties, and the police will visit many of these celebrations in order to meet and talk with the community.

Many of the Police Storefronts will open their doors during National Night Out, and welcome the neighborhood. Most of the storefronts will have informational tables, fire department personnel, police officers, motorcycle officers, McGruff the crime dog, and many other police related activities.

The Police Department has seven Police Storefronts or Police Service Centers throughout the city which are accessible to the community. You may telephone Officer Paul Villanueva at 782-5894 for further information about activities that may be occurring in your neighborhood.

National Night Out is designed to heighten drug and crime prevention awareness, generate support and participation in anti-crime efforts, strengthen community-police partnerships, and to send a clear message to criminals letting them know that Riverside neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

Police Chief Carroll Promotes Two Officers

Riverside, CA.*Effective last Friday, July 23, 1999, Chief Jerry Carroll promoted two police employees. Police Special Agent Dan Hoxmeier was hired by the Riverside Police Department on September 29, 1989 as a Police Officer Trainee. He was subsequently promoted to the rank of Police Special Agent on February 9, 1996. On July 23, 1999, Chief Carroll promoted him to the rank of Police Sergeant.

Officer Andy Flores was hired as a Police Officer Trainee on January 22, 1988. He was promoted to the rank of Police Special Agent on July 23,1999.

Sergeant Dan Hoxmeier worked as a Patrol Officer, bike officer, and was assigned to the Robbery Unit as an investigator prior to his promotion. Police Special Agent Andy Flores worked as a Patrol Officer, School Resource Officer, Personnel Background Investigator, and was currently assigned to the Field Operations Division prior to his promotion to Police Special Agent. 

 23 Jul 1999

Dog Attacks Child

Riverside, CA.*A seven year old child was attacked by a Pit Bull Terrier dog near the 7200 block of Old 215 Frontage Road. The dog became agitated as the child rode a toy scooter near the animal. The child was knocked down from the scooter and bit on the hip, neck, and head area.

One of the child's parents was able to get the dog away from the child by using a shovel. The child was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for dog bite wounds. Animal Control Officers responded, and took the dog into their possession while investigating the incident.

Fairmount Park Homicide Suspect Arrested

Riverside, CA.*On Thursday, July 22, 1999 at about 5:15 in the afternoon, Albert Padilla was arrested, and taken into custody by Riverside Police Homicide Detectives. He is being questioned about the murder of 33 year old Louis Gonzales whose partially decomposed body was found at Fairmount Park on Sunday, July 18, 1999.

Padilla was located in an apartment complex at 4041 Van Buren Blvd. Homicide detectives were assisted by Riverside Police Special Weapons and Tactics Team members. Padilla was taken into custody without further incident, and was booked at the Robert Presley Detention Center in downtown Riverside.

 22 July 1999

Body Found At Fairmount Park Deemed Homicide

Riverside, CA.*The partially decomposed body that was found in Fairmount Park on July 18, 1999 is now being called a homicide by Riverside Police Homicide Detectives.

Detectives believe the victim, 33 year old Louis Gonzalez of Riverside was murdered but, the exact cause of death is still pending the Coroner's report. At least one person is being sought by Detectives for questioning.

Police are seeking 29 year old Albert Andrew Padilla of Riverside for questioning regarding the homicide of Louis Gonzalez. Padilla is described as a male Hispanic, born on 6-27-70, 5' 4" tall, weighing about 120 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He has a nickname of *Speedy,*, and numerous tattoos on his body. Tattoos on his neck and back area read, *Diablos Casa Blanca,* and he is believed to be affiliated with a street gang known as the Casa Blanca Devil Wolves. Padilla is a parolee at large, and frequents the Casa Blanca, East Side Riverside, and Rubidoux areas.

Information about this homicide can be directed to Detectives Ron Sanfilippo and Steve Shumway at (909) 320-8051 and (909) 320-8011 respectively.

Eight Riverside Police Officers Honored For Recovering 151 Stolen Vehicles

Riverside, CA.*Eight Riverside Police officers received the prestigious *10851 award* from the California Highway Patrol. The officers were honored in the council chamber at city hall by representatives from the Automobile Club of Southern California and the California Highway Patrol. Collectively, the officers arrested 57 people for grand theft auto, and recovered 151 stolen vehicles valued at $827,625.00.

Officer Mark Dehdashtian received his eleventh award earning him his second *Master 10851" award. Officer William McCoy earned his ninth award. Officers J. Loera and James Flynn received their third award, Officer Randall Reynolds received his second award, and Officers Adam Brown, Senon Saldana, and Carl Turner qualified for their first award.

The *10851 Award* program was established to honor officers for outstanding service to the community in recovering stolen automobiles, and arresting those who steal them. The numbers *10851" refer to the section within the California Vehicle Code regarding Grand Theft Auto crimes. 

 12 Jul 1999

Riverside Police Chief Jerry Carroll Meets With Officers

Riverside, CA—Riverside Police Chief Jerry Carroll met with Officers Mike Alagna, Wayne Stewart, Dan Hotard, and Paul Bugar. Effective July 12, 1999, the four officers are no longer employed by the City of Riverside.

8 Jul 1999

City Comments on Justice Department's Plan to Investigate Riverside Police

Riverside, Ca.- Speaking on behalf of Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge, who was traveling and unavailable for comment, Mayor Pro Tem Maureen Kane issued the following statement in response to this morning's announcement by U.S. Attorney Alejandro Mayorkas that the U.S. Department of Justice will be conducting a pattern-and-practice civil investigation of the Riverside Police Department.

"We welcome the opportunity to get out the facts concerning the Riverside Police Department's commitment to diversity, tolerance, and professionalism. As an unbiased review of the facts will show, our department has compiled an exemplary record in all these areas: not only are its personnel ethnically and culturally diverse, but its officers receive extensive diversity training and they resort to deadly force no more often than their counterparts in other comparable municipalities.

"As Mayor Loveridge has pointed out on numerous occasions, Riverside is a good and decent community with a long-standing tradition of tolerance and inclusiveness. Racism has no place in our city, and certainly not among our city employees. Accordingly, we have a strict policy against such behavior, including the use of any discriminatory or harassing language by any of our people. Anyone who violates this policy faces severe consequences. "Needless to say, we intend to cooperate fully with the Justice Department investigation."

Riverside Police Chief Jerry Carroll stated, "we intend to cooperate fully with the Justice Department investigation. We trust that when it establishes what we know to be the case, namely, that the Riverside Police Department neither practices nor condones unprofessional behavior or racial discrimination in any form, it will publicize its conclusions as it publicized this morning's announcement."