Dataset List

Name Description Date Created Last Updated Views User
311 Calls for Service - Top Request Types Displays 311 Call Top Request Types (excludes Graffiti, Code Enforcement, and Trash) (2010 - Present) 05/03/2012 02/28/2015 197,880 webmaster@riversideca.gov
Fire Responses Real-time Feed of Fire Department Responses (2010 - Present) 05/03/2012 02/28/2015 162,548 webmaster@riversideca.gov
Crime Reports All Crimes Reported (Last 2 Years to Date) 06/19/2012 02/28/2015 40,139 rpdcrimeloader
City Website Word Locations A listing of all city website pages and their word locations. Feel free to research this in unique ways. Please contact webmaster@riversideca.gov for any useful findings. 12/04/2012 04/22/2013 25,669 webmaster@riversideca.gov
Permit Activity Reports Building Permit Activity Reports 08/25/2014 02/27/2015 18,074 webmaster@riversideca.gov
My Neighborhood Map Data This data powers an interactive map to find specific city facilities in the City of Riverside. 05/03/2012 04/30/2014 16,966 webmaster@riversideca.gov
Parks, Community Centers, and Sports Centers Parks and Recreation locations 05/03/2012 04/22/2013 11,433 webmaster@riversideca.gov
Fire Stations Fire station locations 05/03/2012 04/30/2014 1,714 webmaster@riversideca.gov
Police Stations Police station locations 05/03/2012 04/22/2013 1,604 webmaster@riversideca.gov
Libraries Library locations 05/03/2012 04/22/2013 1,603 webmaster@riversideca.gov
City Council Standing Committees City Council Standing Committee Monthly Meetings 05/04/2012 04/30/2014 1,266 webmaster@riversideca.gov
Financial Data Transparency Portal You can think of a typical city budget as a flow of funds, like your own personal finances. You have income, bank accounts, and expenses. A city has revenue, funds, and expenses. 08/06/2013 08/09/2013 293 webmaster@riversideca.gov