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CPRC Meeting Schedule

Unless noted otherwise, CPRC Meetings will be held in the Art Pick Council Chambers.

Case Review Meetings:  4:00 PM (or as agendized)
Regular Meetings:  5:30 PM
Special Meetings (if held):  5:30 PM

CPRC Regular Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month unless noted.
The schedule below also includes the date when agendas will be posted.

Special Meetings, if held, usually take place on the 2nd Wednesday of a month
and address items of a time-sensitive nature.  These items include, but are not limited to,
Officer-Involved Death (OID) Briefings, OID Case Evaluations, Training Presentations, and

ase Review (Closed Session).

If you have questions regarding Commission meetings,
please contact the CPRC Office at (951) 826-5509.



2018 CPRC Agenda Posting Dates & Meeting Schedule


Agenda Posting Date Regular Meeting Date
January 12 January 24
February 16 February 28
March 16 March 28
April 13 April 25
May 11 May 23
June 15 June 27
July 13 July 25
August 10 August 22
September 14 September 26
October 12 October 24
November 2 November 14
November 30 December 12



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