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                                               City of Riverside - NEW Business Tax Certificate Application

                                                           WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO GET STARTED

It is important to first verify if you are operating your business in the CITY of RIVERSIDE. Please click here and enter the situs address of your business. 

If it falls outside of Riverside city limits (outside of the blue lines on the map), please see below: 
If you plan to ever conduct or engage in business within in the City limits a business license is required.
If you are operating in another city, please contact that city. 
If you are operating outside of the city but in the COUNTY of Riverside, please call (951) 955-1400.

If your business lies within the city of Riverside boundaries please continue with the application. 
1.  Please provide a detailed description of your business activity.
2.  The business start date is the FIRST day you start doing business in the city of Riverside. 
     Note: If you do not intend on operating your business within the next 14 days we recommend you wait until you have a firm start date to avoid possible penalties, unless you require a permit to operate.
3.  The business tax is an annual fee and will expire twelve (12) months from your business start date.
4.  Municipal Code Section 5.04.210 Business Tax- When Payable states, “All annual business taxes shall be due and payable in advance on or before the expiration date of the then 
     current business tax certificate OR on or before the first day of business for any new business.” 
5.  Municipal Code Section 5.04.220 Delinquent taxes- Penalties states, “For failure to renew and pay business tax when due or register a new business and pay when due, 
     the Collector shall add the following penalties: 

                            Thirty Percent (30%) of the business tax sixty (60) days after the due date. 
	                    Fifty Percent (50%) ninety (90) days after the due date. 
                            Seventy-Five Percent (75%) one hundred twenty (120) days after the due date. 

Please allow two (2) business days for your application to be processed.  Once processed we will send an email notifying you of the amount due and instructions on how to make your 
payment on-line. Business Tax Certificates are issued 30 days from the payment processing date. If you need your Business Tax Certificate sooner, please visit our office, located at the City Hall, 
to pay in cash and receive your certificate the same day. 

We wish you much success in your business venture and thank you for choosing the City of Riverside. 

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