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The ARTful Book Club: The Shape of a Pocket

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Book lovers unite! Indulge your passion for art and reading by joining us for a curated selection of art-related books. From September–November, we’ll be reading about the economics of contemporary art, a memoir from Susan Straight about her family filled with a history of badass women, and absorb answers to questions we didn’t know to ask by the brilliant John Berger.

11 a.m.–noon (unless otherwise noted)
Cost: $5/meeting (unless otherwise noted). Click the link to RSVP and pay, or bring at start of discussion meeting. No refunds. Readers will be sent discussion questions prior to each meeting if they RSVP. Readers must read the book in advance. We encourage you to bring your copy for the discussion.

Saturday, November 9

The Shape of a Pocket by John Berger | Essays, Art Criticism

As Berger describes, “The pocket in question is a small pocket of resistance. A pocket is formed when two or more people come together in agreement. The resistance is against the inhumanity of the New World Economic Order. The people coming together are the reader, me, and those the essays are about—Rembrandt, Paleolithic cave painters, a Romanian peasant, ancient Egyptians, an expert in the loneliness of certain hotel bedrooms, dogs at dusk, a man in a radio station. And unexpectedly, our exchanges strengthen each of us in our conviction that what is happening in the world today is wrong, and that what is often said about it is a life. I’ve written a book with a greater sense of urgency.”

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