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An Outopia for Pigeons

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An Outopia for Pigeons


The Box

Start Date/Time

3/31/2019 2:00 PM

End Date/Time

3/31/2019 3:30 PM

Type of Event

Arts and Culture


Patrick Brien,


The Gestalt Theatre Project presents the West Coast Premiere of Justin Maxwell's %22An Outopia for Pigeons.%22 The year is 1914. Martha Washington, the world's last passenger pigeon, is building an outopia. It is what she describes as a non-place. She believes that her species will be safe in a place that does not exist. Martha isn't aware that she is already the last of her kind. Touching and poignant, the play is also a hilarious exercise in the absurd. Joining Martha is a sperm whale named Charles Bronson, a gourmand who is 7/8 omniscient, and Cotton Mather, a puritan minister who has traveled across three centuries in search of Martha.

Please note that due to language and subject matter, discretion is advised.

Cost: Varies

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