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Discovery Days, Pacific Garbage Patch

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Discovery Days, Pacific Garbage Patch


Riverside Metropolitan Museum

Start Date/Time

2/19/2014 1:30 PM

End Date/Time

2/19/2014 4:00 PM

Type of Event

Arts and Culture


Danielle LeLand,,, 951-826-5273


"Great Pacific Garbage Patch"
(Topics: pollution, ocean currents, recycling)
A gyre is a place in the ocean where currents meet and create a whirlpool where ocean debris accumulates. Millions of pieces of trash and plastics build up to form a gyre, such as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, which is one of 5 floating around in the Earth’s oceans. Kids will learn how these patches of garbage are harming sea life, how ocean currents work, the importance of recycling, and create a unique piece of art work using garbage.

Cost: Free

Map of Event