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NOURISH: Native Landscaping

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NOURISH: Native Landscaping


The Cottage

Start Date/Time

8/6/2014 9:00 AM

End Date/Time

8/6/2014 11:00 AM

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In a season of extreme drought the notion of native landscaping has become a crucial conversation. A conversation that, in spite of being encouraged due to scarcity, may be the very thing that will lead us toward a life of simplicity and sustainability.

In this class, Martina Schrader, gardener extraordinaire and German native, will walk us through her garden and the process of transitioning from a traditional suburban "garden" to a native one.

Together we will explore the beauty benefits of transitioning to a native landscape.

reduce your water consumption

reduce your maintenance

provide a natural habitat for local wildlife

provide flowers and beauty

provide herbs and spices for food and medicine

All attendees are kindly asked to register prior to the event.



Cost: Varies

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