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Electronic Commendation Form

If you would like to commend an employee of the Riverside Police Department, please fill out this form.  You may also commend an employee by writing a letter directly to the

Chief of Police
Riverside Police Department
4102 Orange Street
Riverside, CA  92501

Verbal commendations may be given to any Department supervisor.  Your comments will be reviewed by the concerned commanding officer and the commended employee.

1) Date of Contact with the Employee
Time of Contact with Employee   AM   PM
Location of Contact
2) Employee's Name

Badge Number (if known)

3) What initiated your contact with the employee?  (Check all that apply)

Police response to your call

Traffic stop
Traffic collision
Made a report at a police station
Pick up property

Visit a detective

Witness at a police investigation

4) What would you like to commend about the employee's performance?


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