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Fire Image CERT
Under the direction of local emergency responders, CERT teams help provide critical support by giving immediate assistance to victims, providing damage assessment information, and organizing other volunteers at a disaster site.

Fire Image Hazardous Materials
The Department cross-staffs a Hazardous Materials Response Team that is ready to respond to any spill or release of a hazardous product. This provides for safety to our residents, businesses and visitors to the city.

Fire Image USAR- Urban Search and Rescue
Our search and rescue resources are organized into three distinct groups. We have a technical rescue team, a swiftwater rescue team and an urban search and rescue task force. Visit us at: www.catf6.org

Fire Image Explorer Post 101
This program, sponsored through the Boy Scouts of America, is for young men and women interested in a fire service career.

Fire Image Arson Task Force
The City's Arson Task Force is a multi-agency task force comprised of members of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), Riverside Police Department as well as the Fire Department.

Fire Image Emergency Medical Services
Riverside's Emergency Medical Service is provided through the Fire Department. All of our City's fire engines and rescue squads have paramedic firefighters staffing them. This allows for a rapid response to medical emergencies.