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The Hazardous Materials Team consists of 24 members who are trained to the level of Hazmat Technician or Specialist. The team is stationed at the Arlington Fire Station.

During each shift, eight hazmat members staff the engine, truck and squad at the Arlington Fire Station and also cross-staffs the hazmat unit, decon unit, and WMD trailer. Hazmat members receive 160-240 hours of specialized training in the response and mitigation of hazardous materials incidents. Team members maintain their skills by training monthly in various subjects such as hazcatting, (the determination of an unknown product), detection equipment, personal protective equipment, and storage tank leak repair. Crews also train with businesses and facilities within the city to become familiar with hazardous processes and materials at these sites through pre-planning.

The RFD Fire Haz Mat Team is part of CHOG, (Countywide Hazardous Materials Operational Group). This group meets quarterly to discuss training, incidents, equipment, and grant opportunities. The group provides annual grant funding for training and equipment. Participating agencies in CHOG take turns hosting quarterly drills in their jurisdiction. This training gives the agencies an opportunity to work together in realistic scenarios.