Riverside Fire Department

All Hazard Incident Situation Map Disclaimer

The City of Riverside Fire Department (RFD) responds to all types of emergencies. When the Department responds to a major incident, the Department will post incident details to the this map as time allows. Major emergency incidents could include large, extended-day wildfires (5 acres or greater), floods, earthquakes, hazardous material spills, etc. This is a summary of all incidents managed by the City of Riverside Fire Department.

Information presented on this map is a representation of the existing major incident situation, based on the information readily available to the City of Riverside Fire Department.  We make every effort to provide accurate and complete information, however the data is subject to review and change. This site provides general information concerning an incident.  All of our information comes from the fire lines and must be approved by the Incident Commander in charge of managing the incident prior to release. As battling a fire, or handling any other disaster is the priority, updates to these sites cannot be guaranteed on a set time schedule.  Please use the information on these pages only as a reference. The sites are not meant to provide up to the minute evacuation or fire behavior information.

Please refer to the Fire Incident Information Fact Sheet as it becomes available for fire information and monitor your local radio stations for emergency broadcasts. If you live in a wildland area always have an evacuation plan in place. Fires occur throughout the City of Riverside throughout the year. However, the majority of those fires are contained quickly and no information will be provided on these incidents at this site.