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Dauchy Incident

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Incident Name: Dauchy Incident

Date Reported: 10/25/2019

Time Reported: 0924 Hours

Incident Location: 18000 Block of Dauchy

Ward #: Ward 4 Conder

Type of Incident: Hazardous Material Spill

Incident Number: RIV #19-032142

Control Time: 10/25/2019 1301 Hours





Non Injury:

Displaced Persons:

Loss: $1,320

Save: $176


  • Unintentional
  • Evacuations:

    Evacuation Comments:

    Resources Assigned

    Chief Officer(s): 1

    Engine Companies: 2

    Truck Companies: 1

    Squad(s): 1


    Firefighter(s): 13

    Safety Officer(s):

    Public Information Officer(s):

    Fire Investigator(s):

    Overhead Personnel: 1

    Mutial Aid:

  • Mutual Aid Received
  • Specialized Equipment:

  • Haz-Mat
  • EOC: Yes Notified


    Red Cross:

    Percent (%) Contained or Completed:

    Total (%) of Perimeter that will be Contained:

    Incident Size Acreage:

    Current Situation

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    The City of Riverside Fire Department responded a Hazardous Material Team Response to the 18000 Block of Dauchy for a container that had tipped over in transit in a Commercial Box Truck.  The container was full of Diesel Fuel approx. 330 gallons.  The driver of the vehicle had driven down several residential city streets and stopped in a dirt field.  The container had spilled approx. 290 gallons of Diesel Fuel into the field.  There was no runoff into the storm drain system or water ways.  The spilled Diesel Fuel was contained to the dirt field.  The remaining product in the damaged container contained approx. 45 gallons of Diesel Fuel.  The Haz-Mat team assisted the company SC Fuels in transferring of this product with a grounding and bonding operations.  The grounding and bonding operations aides in eliminated a spark from static electricity while the transfer of product occurs.  The product was transferred with no incident.

    City Streets responded to the incident to survey the streets for clean-up and dispersed absorbent material on affected streets. 

    CHP Commercial Officers responded to the scene to assess the container and type of vehicle for transport of the Diesel Fuel which were in compliance with Federal and State regulations. 

    Riverside County Environmental Health responded to the scene and they will remain on scene supervising the clean-up.  Riverside County Environmental Health will also contact the private party who owns the field the Diesel Fuel was spilled onto. 

    SC Fuels the contracted with a private clean-up Company NCR based out of Long Beach to clean-up the contaminated soil and absorbent material in the street.  Prior to any clean-up of contaminated soil, 811 Dig-Alert was notified to come to the scene to survey the scene prior to any excavation.  Clean-up of the soil is dependent upon Dig-Alert at this time. 

    CAL-OES was notified of the spill.

    The City of Riverside Fire Department Prevention Officers responded to the incident as well to ensure compliance with the clean-up and transport company. 

    City of Riverside Police Department assisted with traffic control of Dauchy. 

    Fire Department resources have cleared the incident and the clean-up of the contaminated soil is expected to conclude no later than 1700 hrs. on Saturday October 26, 2019. 


    Assisting Aid Agencies

  • CHP
  • Riverside County Environmental Health
  • Riverside Public Works
  • RPD

  • Incident Commander: Bruce Vanderhorst

    Prepared By: Bruce Vanderhorst

    Date / Time Posted: 10/25/2019 1330 Hours

    Information Center: 951.826.5321