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Garner Incident

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Incident Name: Garner Incident

Date Reported: 05/28/2020

Time Reported: 1311 Hours

Incident Location: 8300 Block of Garner, Riverside, CA 92501

Ward #: Ward 1 Edwards

Type of Incident: Hazardous Material

Incident Number: RIV #20-015062

Control Time: 05/28/2020 at 1726 Hours





Non Injury:

Displaced Persons:




  • Intentional
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    Resources Assigned

    Chief Officer(s): 2

    Engine Companies: 1

    Truck Companies:



    Firefighter(s): 13

    Safety Officer(s):

    Public Information Officer(s):

    Fire Investigator(s):

    Overhead Personnel:

    Mutial Aid:

    Specialized Equipment:

  • Haz-Mat
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    Red Cross:

    Percent (%) Contained or Completed:

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    Incident Size Acreage:

    Current Situation

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    The City of Riverside Fire Department responded a single engine company to the 8300 block of Garner Ave for reports of a chemical spill.  Firefighters arrived to find six pallets containing containers of an unknown substance that had spilled onto the ground and solidified to the street and into the AB Brown Sports Complex.  The Haz-Mat team was requested to the incident along with two chief officers and Riverside County Environmental Health.  The Haz-Mat team performed a Level B entry, sampled the material and also discovered a dumping of used motor oil. 

    The product was illegally dumped onto city streets and onto the AB Brown Sports Complex. 

    Parks and Recreation employee grounds keeper for the AB Brown Sports Complex was the reporting party.

    Environmental Logistics a contract clean-up company with the City of Riverside responded to the incident and mitigated the chemicals.  The chemical was a silicone based used in roofing material operations.  A total of 13 firefighters and two chief officers responded to the incident.  There were no firefighter or civilian injuries.

    Assisting Aid Agencies

  • Riverside County Environmental Health

  • Incident Commander: Bruce Vanderhorst

    Prepared By: Bruce Vanderhorst

    Date / Time Posted: 05/29/2020 0645 Hours

    Information Center: 951.826.5321