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Livingston Incident

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Incident Name: Livingston Incident

Date Reported: 07/13/2020

Time Reported: 1833 Hours

Incident Location: 1900 Block of Livingston

Ward #: Ward 2 Melendrez

Type of Incident: Residential Structure Fire

Incident Number: RIV #20-019997

Control Time: 1900 Hours

Fatalities: 0

Critical: 0

Moderate: 0

Minor: 0

Non Injury:

Displaced Persons: 2

Loss: 70,000.00

Save: 450,000.00


  • Unintentional
  • Evacuations:

    Evacuation Comments:

    Resources Assigned

    Chief Officer(s): 1

    Engine Companies: 4

    Truck Companies: 1

    Squad(s): 1

    Ambulance(s): 1

    Firefighter(s): 20

    Safety Officer(s): 0

    Public Information Officer(s): 0

    Fire Investigator(s): 3

    Overhead Personnel:

    Mutial Aid:

    Specialized Equipment:

    EOC: 0

    Utilities: 0

    Red Cross: 0

    Percent (%) Contained or Completed: 100

    Total (%) of Perimeter that will be Contained: N/A

    Incident Size Acreage: N/A

    Current Situation

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    The City of Riverside Fire Department responded to a reported residential structure fire on the 1900 block of Livingston St.  The first due Engine Company reported heavy smoke issuing from the attic space of the home.  The fire was extinguished using multiple 1 3/$’ lines.  Fire fighters removed roofing tiles and pulled the drywall off the ceiling to expose the burning structural members. All the furniture and décor were salvaged prior to these actions to avoid damage to these items.  The occupants were displaced due to there being no power or gas to the home.  The residence sought shelter with family that lives in the area. 

    Assisting Aid Agencies

  • AMR

  • Incident Commander: Scott Wilson

    Prepared By: Scott Wilson

    Date / Time Posted: 07/13/2020 @1020 Hours

    Information Center: 951.826.5321