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Santa Barbara Incident

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Incident Name: Santa Barbara Incident

Date Reported: 12/3/2019

Time Reported: 1107 Hours

Incident Location: 9100 Block of Santa Barbara

Ward #: Ward 4 Condor

Type of Incident: Hazardous Material Spill

Incident Number: RIV #19-036323

Control Time: 1600 Hours





Non Injury:

Displaced Persons: N/A




  • Cause undetermined after investigation
  • Evacuations: N/A

    Evacuation Comments: N/A

    Resources Assigned

    Chief Officer(s): 1

    Engine Companies: 1

    Truck Companies:



    Firefighter(s): 4

    Safety Officer(s):

    Public Information Officer(s):

    Fire Investigator(s):

    Overhead Personnel: 4

    Mutual Aid:

  • Mutual Aid Received
  • Specialized Equipment:

  • Haz-Mat
  • EOC:


    Red Cross:

    Percent (%) Contained or Completed:

    Total (%) of Perimeter that will be Contained:

    Incident Size Acreage:

    Current Situation

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    On 12/3/2019, The City of Riverside Fire Department responded to the 9100 Block of Santa Barbara to follow up on a suspicious odor call that occurred the previous day. Notifications were made to the City of Riverside Public Works and City of Riverside Fire Prevention Division.  A notification was made to County of Riverside Department of Environmental Health and Environmental Health responded to the incident to assist with the investigation.

    The City of Riverside Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team arrived to find a strong odor (reminiscent to that of a petroleum-based fuel) was emitting from the riparian between Santa Barbara Drive and San Luis Obispo Lane.  The storm drain system and sewer system in the area were checked with combustible gas detector and PID (photoionization detector) for the presence of VOC's (volatile organic compounds). Liquid samples of standing water were collected from both ends of the riparian (near Barton and Santa Barbara). The samples were tested and the test confirmed the presence of a combustible liquid in the water.

    Notifications were made to request an agency representative from CAL-Fire respond to the incident to approve the continued investigation of the storm drain system on the JPA Property. The presence of VOC's (low concentration) were found at a storm drain opening on the east side of Barton X Gless Ranch Road in the JPA.  The storm drain system was not tied into the existing construction site or complex.

    County Environmental Health recommended the storm drain system be flushed and cleaned, as well as any standing water in the riparian be vacuumed out. Notification to Department of Fish and Wildlife was made to coordinate the cleanup and removal in the riparian, which is designated as a wildlife habitat (per Mission Ranch HOA). City Public Works contacted Environmental Logistics to respond and initiate cleanup of the storm drain system.

    Notifications were made to the following agencies:

    County of Riverside Department of Environmental Health

    Environmental Logistics



    Department of Fish and Wildlife

    City of Riverside Fire Prevention Bureau

    City of Riverside Public Works

    City of Riverside Street Department

    City of Riverside Sewer Environmental Compliance

    First Service Residential (Mission Ranch HOA)


    Assisting Aid Agencies

  • CAL-Fire
  • Riverside County Environmental Health
  • Riverside Public Works

  • Incident Commander: Tony Garcia

    Prepared By: Bruce Vanderhorst

    Date / Time Posted: 12/4/2019 0645 Hours

    Information Center: 951.826.5321