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Release Date: 06/28/2012 Release Time: 8:33 AM
Contact: B.Bock
Subject: Riverside Fire Department Haz Mat Team Receives State Certification
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The City of Riverside Fire Department's Hazardous Materials Team recently applied and received a Type 3 classification through the State of California Emergency Management Agency (CAL-EMA), Fire and Rescue Division.

This certification allows the team to be a local, regional and state asset responding to emergency incidents involving the release of hazardous materials. The certification process involves a lengthy audit conducted by CAL-EMA representatives which include verification of training, equipment and vehicles that must meet the state standards.

An example of this specialized equipment are Haz Mat sampling and testing devices that can be used to collect a solid, liquid or gas sample. This equipment can than analyze the hazards associated with the product. This analysis provides important information on the properties of the hazardous material that gives the team guidance on how to safely mitigate the hazards and reduce the threat to life or property.

In addition to the equipment, each member must have at least 160 hours of specialized training as a certified Hazardous Materials Technician. This includes monthly skills training and multi-agency exercises with other hazardous materials teams in the local area.

This certification now allows the team to join (46) forty six other hazmat teams throughout the state in providing assistance to cities involving the mitigation of hazardous materials incidents that threaten their community.

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