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Release Date: 11/02/2012 Release Time: 9:57 PM
Contact: B.Vanderhrst
Subject: Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery
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The batteries in your smoke detectors should be replaced at least twice a year, and immediately any time the ?weak battery? warning signal sounds (usually a ?chirping? noise) A good time to replace your batteries is at time change; i.e., fall back or spring forward.

Smoke Detector Locations:

There should be at least one smoke detector on every level of your home, except unoccupied attic space. On floors with bedrooms, the smoke detectors should be located in the hallway near the bedrooms. If occupants usually sleep with their bedroom door closed, then a smoke detector should be placed inside each bedroom.

Maintenance: Vital & Easy

Smoke detectors require just a small amount of maintenance in order to keep them operating properly:

? Check smoke detectors every month by using the test button.

? Carefully vacuum the dust from each smoke detector?s air intake vents. Opening the cover will make cleaning easier.

? Change batteries twice a year or more often as needed. A good rule of thumb is to install new batteries when clocks are reset in the spring and fall for daylight-saving time.

? Battery ?operated smoke detectors will emit a ?chirping? sound if the battery fails during the year. Replace the battery immediately if this happens.

? Never paint smoke detectors. This could keep them from working properly.

? Replace your smoke detectors every 10 years. Make sure that the smoke detectors you select have been approved by Underwriters Laboratory or another nationally recognized testing laboratory.