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News Release
Release Date: 06/27/2013 Release Time: 12:54 PM
Contact: Training Captain / PIO
Bruce Vanderhorst
Subject: Excessive Heat Warning
Full Text:

An Excessive Heat Warning for the City of Riverside will start on June 29th Saturday at 10 A.M. Temperatures are expected to be in between 100 to 110 degrees until 8 P.M. Sunday.

City Cool Centers (Community Centers and Libraries) will be open and available for temporary relief from excessive heat during normal business hours. Cool Centers are public facilities that are open to the community for the purpose of seeking temporary relief from excessive heat. Cool center will not be open after regular business hours. However, the situation will be closely monitored, if needed the cool center hours may be extended. The public is also urged to consider the use of other public businesses such as malls and movie theaters should they need relief from the heat.

Individuals susceptible to heat, such as the elderly, families with young children are encouraged to visit a cool center during extended periods of high-heat days. Each center will have air conditioning, resting area and water available during the facility?s regular open hours. Excessive heat warnings are issued when the apparent temperature (heat index) or the real temperature hits 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Though everyone is susceptible to heat related illnesses, the elderly, very young, outside workers and individuals who are medical fragile are at a greater risk.

During Extreme Heat Emergencies:

 Drink plenty of water
 Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing
 Slow down, rest in shade or a cool place when possible
 Curtail non-essential outdoor activites
 Check on friends and neighbors who are elderly, disabled, or have medical conditions

 Drink alcohol and avoid caffeinated drinks
 Ever leave children, elderly, disabled, or pets alone in a vehicle
 Go outdoors if you don?t have to
 Turn off air conditioning or fans to save money

For more information or for a list of cool center locations, call (951) 826-5311 or visit The City of Riverside will also be running a video on the local government television channel for the City's Heat Safety / Cool Center video.