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Release Date: 06/26/2013 Release Time: 3:45 PM
Contact: Training Captain / PIO
Bruce Vanderhorst
Subject: Technical Rescue
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On June 25, 2013 Firefighters responded to reports of a trapped victim under a large cargo shipping container at the AB Brown Soccer Complex, located at 3700 Placentia. A City maintenance worker discovered the victim and had called 911. A total of 13 firefighters responded which included members of the Riverside City Fire Department Technical Rescue Team from the Magnolia Fire Station. The victim had claimed that he was forced into this position five to six days prior to being discovered. The maintenance worker stated to firefighters on the scene that there have been numerous robberies in four of the shipping containers onsite. The technical rescue team freed the victim and firefighter paramedics on scene treated him for injuries consistent with a person who had not eaten or drank fluids for many days. The patient was transported to a local area hospital by AMR in critical condition.
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