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Release Date: 06/15/2012 Release Time: 10:06 AM
Contact: B.Bock
Subject: Fire Department Arrests Suspect
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On June 8, 2012, the City of Riverside Fire Department responded to a report of a suspect throwing a flaming bottle at a gasoline tanker truck at 4975 Van Buren Ave. Fire Department personnel arrived on scene and detained a suspect who was witnessed to have thrown a "Molotov cocktail" type device at or in the general vicinity of a fuel tanker truck off-loading product at the Arco station. The suspect was detained and interviewed by investigators from the City of Riverside Fire Department Arson Investigations Unit. Upon Investigation, the suspect admitted to throwing a flaming object at the gasoline tanker truck. The suspect was subsequently booked for PC 18740 and PC 18745, Possession of a Molotov Cocktail and Intent to generate great bodily damage or destruction.