Our Progress

Title of Goal: Reducing homelessness by providing an array of housing options and programs based on community needs

Purpose: Stabilize homeless people through use of shelters, permanent housing, and assistance programs to reduce homelessness in the City of Riverside. Internal Partners:  Community & Economic Development Department, City Manager’s Office, City Attorney’s Office, Public Works, Fire, and Police

External Partners: County of Riverside Agencies including Housing Authority, Department of Social Services, Riverside Unified Health Systems - Behavioral Health, Economic Development Agency, Western Riverside Council of Governments, Continuum of Care, Lighthouse Service Center, US Vets, VA Loma Linda, and Path of Life, and faith based community.

Needed Resources: Advocacy in Sacramento and in Washington, D.C. for affordable housing and homeless program resources, funding.

Potential Barriers: Community opposition, funding

Performance Annual Goal: Number of homeless people placed in a housing program (Reunification program, Rapid re-housing, Permanent Supportive Housing, Affordable Housing)

  • Target: 60
  • Time Frame: Annually
Formerly Homeless Households Placed in Housing

The City of Riverside Homeless Services staff was able to place 13 formerly homeless households in a housing program during the first quarter of 2017-18.

Staff has prequalified 27 households for rental assistance and are in the process of trying to locate rental units for these households.

If 27 rental units are identified in the next quarter, the City will have exceeded its goal of housing 30 homeless households within a six month period.

During the first quarter of FY 2017/18, 83 homeless individuals were sheltered at the Year Round Emergency Shelter.

Housing Programs

No. of Households

Reunification Program


Rental Assistance


Permanent Supportive Housing


Affordable Housing


Total No. of Households Housed