Homeless Outreach

Homeless Outreach Program

The City of Riverside Homeless Outreach Team is made up of four professional service providers who conduct daily mobile outreach and client service engagement for homeless individuals and families on the streets, in service venues, and other locations where they can be found in Riverside. The Outreach Team responds to the issues and concerns of people in need of assistance as well as local residents, businesses and others relative to homelessness in this community. Focused on the "hardest-to-reach" and "service-resistant" chronically homeless population, the Outreach Team works in partnership with city staff, local service providers, health professionals, law enforcement, and the community at large to help people get off the streets and connected with the services they need to gain stable housing and achieve self-sufficiency. Local service professionals and community volunteers participate in "ride-alongs" throughout the week to assist the Outreach Team with engaging people in need of services.

To seek assistance with a homeless situation or to volunteer for a ride-along, please contact the Outreach Team at:
Phone: (951) 826-2200
Email: homelesshelp@riversideca.gov