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Mission & Objectives
What is the Human Relations Commission?
The Human Relations Commission (formerly known as the Community Relations Commission) established in 1966 through the passage of Ordinance No. 3389, was created to ensure that all community members of the City of Riverside receive or participate in:
1. Equal justice before the law.
2. Equal socio-economic and political opportunities.
3. Protection of dignity and integrity of every individual.
4. Responsible citizenship.
5. Responsive redress of grievances.
6. Equitable opportunities in health, housing, education and employment.
7. Respect and support of the law.
8. Education related to basic human rights and responsibilities.
9. Reduction and eventual elimination of prejudice among people based on race, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

Advocating for equal opportunity, justice, and access in the City of Riverside to services and opportunities. Fostering mutual understanding and respect between people; encouraging education and outreach; developing and promoting programs, which work to eliminate prejudice and discrimination.

Riverside, California
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