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Harassment/Hostile Work Environment

All City employees are to be treated with dignity and respect. Harassment for any reason, based on race, color, ancestry, age, sex (including gender identity), national origin, sexual orientation, religion, veteran's status, marital status, political belief, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, socioeconomic, or cultural background by an employee or supervisor, will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and can subject any employee to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature which may be considered a condition of employment constitutes sexual harassment and will not be allowed. Any form of verbal, physical, or visual harassment will be considered inappropriate behavior and may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Any incident of harassment should be reported immediately to your supervisor and/or the Human Resources Department.

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Workplace Violence

We all deserve to work in an environment that is free from violence or hostility. The City will not tolerate any threatening, hostile or abusive behavior by employees or by any persons on City property or while conducting City business, and will take immediate and appropriate action when this occurs. Damage to City property is also prohibited.

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Smoking Policy Statement

Smoking is not allowed in City buildings or within 20 feet of the front entrance of a City building. Smoking is also prohibited in City vehicles and violators are subject to discipline for non compliance. You are encouraged not to smoke as it is a proven detriment to health, safety, and productivity. Consult your health care provider regarding smoking cessation programs.

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Drug-Free Workplace

The City and the public share an interest in a safe, healthy, and productive workforce. Many employees are responsible for the operation of expensive, heavy, and/or high-speed equipment or vehicles. Other employees are responsible for public safety and security. Abuse of alcohol, drugs, and use of illegal narcotics undermines that interest.

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance in the workplace is prohibited. Counseling, rehabilitation, and employee assistance for employees who have personal problems regarding the abuse of drugs or alcohol is available through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at (800)-777-9376.

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Reasonable Suspicion Post-Accident Drug & Alcohol Testing

The City of Riverside recognizes that employees are its most important resource. The City has a “zero tolerance” approach to employee use and misuse of drugs and/or alcohol related to the performance of required duties. A policy for reasonable suspicion and post-accident drug and alcohol testing for all affected City employees is intended to accomplish the following objectives:

1. To provide a safe working environment for City employees;

2. To protect the safety of persons and property;

3. To provide the highest quality of public service;

4. To promote efficiency and productivity;

5. To avoid adverse effects on employee health and well-being, as well as to minimize the City’s related health costs;

6. To prevent loss of public confidence in City employees and damage to the City’s reputation;

7. To prevent drug-related theft and other employee misconduct;

8. To encourage employees to seek voluntary assistance to deal with alcohol and/or drug use; and

9. To comply with the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 (41 U.S.C. 702-706) and the City’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy (Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual, III-5).

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Department of Transportation Regulations

The City, pursuant to Federal Highway Administration regulations, requires all individuals possessing and using commercial drivers’ licenses to be randomly tested for drugs and/or alcohol. For more information, see the City's Random Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy (Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual, III-9).

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All organizations have rules in order to operate effectively. To ensure these rules are followed, penalties for not adhering to them are established. These penalties, called disciplinary actions, may take the form of a reprimand, suspension, demotion, reduction of pay, or termination.

An employee who is performing poorly or behaving improperly is usually counseled by the supervisor to correct performance or behavior deficiencies. If the employee fails to take the proper steps to correct the behavior, further disciplinary action can be taken, up to and including termination. All employees are entitled to representation in disciplinary meetings.

The type and severity of the discipline depends on the circumstances/behavior leading to the discipline and past instances of similar conduct. An employee has the right to know the cause for any disciplinary action prior to it being taken and may appeal a suspension, demotion, or dismissal through the grievance procedure. Employees who are within their probationary period are not eligible for the grievance procedure.

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Grievance Procedure

Ideally, most problems can be resolved between you and your supervisor; however, the City does have a formal procedure for handling grievances. If you have a grievance, first go to your immediate supervisor and make every effort to resolve it. If you believe higher-level review is required, use the formal grievance procedure.

The Human Resources Department or your bargaining unit representative can provide details regarding the procedure.

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Financial Obligation

You are expected to pay your personal bills promptly so creditors are not forced to contact the City in an effort to collect delinquent bills. Wage garnishments as a result of non-payment of just debts are an expense to the City. If you have any financial difficulties, the Credit Union, Community Action Employee Assistance Program, or Consumer Credit may be able to help you.

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Conflict of Interest

You may not engage in any business transaction or have a financial or personal interest which is not compatible with the performance of your official duties or would tend to impair independence, judgment, or action necessary to pursue the City’s best interests. Certain employees may be required to file financial statements with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) annually.

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Political Activity

Participation in political activity is a sign of good citizenship, but certain guidelines should be observed. You should not make statements or publish materials which imply City endorsement of a political candidate. You may not engage in political activity during working hours, on City premises, or while wearing a City uniform. You may not use City funds, supplies, or vehicles for political activity.

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Business Conduct

You shall conduct City business in compliance with the law, City policies and procedures, and good judgment. Avoid speech or behavior that is likely to create an appearance of impropriety.

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Business-Related Gifts

It is the policy of the City of Riverside that employees will not accept gifts, rewards, services, or gratuities of any kind by reason of their employment. If you encounter a situation which would tend to compromise this policy, courteously decline such an offer.

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You are expected to maintain a professional, safe, and productive work environment. Treat your fellow employees professionally and with courtesy at all times. Differences of opinion should be expressed in a constructive manner that promotes sharing of ideas and effective teamwork to resolve problems to meet the challenges of the City.

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Personal Appearance and Conduct

The following guidelines are offered to provide clarity as to appropriate attire and appearance in the workplace. Customer service perceptions of us are influenced in part by our attire. You are expected to use good judgment and common sense when selecting attire for the workplace.

Acceptable personal appearance, like proper maintenance of work areas, is an ongoing requirement of employment with the City of Riverside. As departments are familiar with their customers’ expectations as well as the business climate, attire matters will be managed at the department level.

The City’s overall approach will ensure maximum flexibility to maintain good morale, respect individual style, and give due consideration to sound business practice. The following guidelines serve as a tool to help you gauge what may or may not be considered appropriate.

Office Attire

Everyday Attire




Suits X  
Dresses (with or without nylons) X  
Pantsuits X  
Shirts (with or without ties) X  
Sport coats X  
Dress Slacks X  
Other coordinated outfits X  
T-shirts   X
Sweat shirts or jogging outfits   X
Jeans (Denim or Colored)   X
Capri Style Suits X  
Shorts*   X
Halter Tops or Tank Tops   X
Sheer, see -through or revealing clothing   X
Polo-type shirts X  
Collared shirts open at the collar X  
Short-sleeved or  sleeveless dresses, shirts or  tops X  
Dresses/tops with spaghetti straps   X
Low back dresses, blouses, or shirts   X
Khaki or Dockers type pants X  
Casual Skirts   X
"Skorts" or Culottes   X
Gym or sweatpants or workout wear   X
Leggings   X
Clothing with sports logos/messages/celebrity logos, etc.   X
Dress Loafers X  
Dress Sandals X  
Athletic shoes/Sneakers/Tennis Shoes   X
Casual Sandals (Thongs or Flip-Flops)   X
Dress Shoes X  

*Jeans: Jeans (blue or colored) are not considered appropriate in any business setting; however, it is acknowledged that some field employees (by the nature of their assignments) may wear jeans along with a shirt that identifies them as an employee of a particular City Department or Division.

*Shorts: Shorts are not considered appropriate in any business setting; however, it is acknowledged that some field employees (by the nature of their assignments) may wear shorts along with a shirt that identifies them as an employee of a particular City Department or Division.

*Athletic Shoes: Athletic shoes (sneakers/tennis shoes) are not considered appropriate in any business setting; however, it is acknowledged that some field employees (by the nature of their assignments) may wear athletic shoes.

Fridays: Friday business casual days have become very popular and seem to positively impact morale and spirit among employees. Casual Fridays will be allowed to continue (on a provisional basis) and acceptable attire for these days will be deemed business casual. As jeans are not considered business casual, wearing of either blue or colored jeans will not be considered as appropriate on Fridays. Employees should plan to wear standard business attire even on Fridays for any scheduled meetings with the general public, representatives from external agencies, Board/ Commission members, Mayor/City Council members or other such activities where business casual wear would not appropriately reflect the proper professional image. Mature judgment in choice of attire is expected.

Special Occasions: Periodically, the City may designate special casual days, other than casual Fridays, when the dress code may be relaxed for a specific reason. These special days will be announced in advance. Special projects/assignments may also, at the discretion of the Department Head, require more flexibility in dress requirements.

Summer Wear: During the summer period, June 1 through September 30, dress guidelines may be relaxed given weather conditions. Should this occur, business casual guidelines would apply.

Responsibility: It is expected that managers and supervisors will ensure the workforce is in proper business attire. In situations where a person’s attire does not reflect the spirit of these guidelines, the supervisor is expected to discuss these guidelines with the employee to ensure a consistent understanding of the importance of conveying an appropriate professional image.

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City Uniforms

The City provides work uniforms for field crews and Fire and Police employees. Field crews and Fire Safety employees have their work uniforms laundered by the City. In addition, specialized personal clothing and equipment provided includes: shoes for designated employees, leather goods, firearms, and related equipment for Police Safety employees.

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City Owned Vehicles

You are expected to observe State motor vehicle laws. This includes observing the speed limit and wearing seat belts. Negligent use of a City vehicle may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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Identification Cards

You will receive an identification card to wear during the workday. Identification cards are issued by the Human Resources Department. Employees with City Hall parking structure access will have their identification card programmed to allow such access. A new card must be issued when there is a name change or department/division change. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to the Human Resources Department and a replacement card will be issued. There is a charge for replacement cards. Cards must be returned to Human Resources at time of separation.

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Regular attendance and punctuality are necessary for the efficient operation of the City and is reflected in your performance record. Promptness in reporting to work is expected; however, if it is necessary for you to be late or absent from work, you must receive permission ahead of time from your supervisor. In case of an emergency, when prior approval cannot be obtained, you are required to notify your supervisor before the start of work.

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Hours of Work

Working hours vary according to the staffing requirements necessary to service the citizens each department serves. Departments which provide service twenty-four (24) hours a day and/or weekends have special schedules. Your supervisor will advise you of your specific work schedule.

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Meal Periods and Breaks

Most employees receive a 30 or 60 minute meal period depending on the assignment. The meal period includes travel to and from the eating site. Each employee is also allowed a 15 minute break near the middle of every 4 hour work period. These breaks are not cumulative and cannot be added to meal periods, used to shorten the work day, or taken in conjunction with any type of leave. Breaks are to be taken at times prescribed by your supervisor. Field employees are required to take breaks at the job site or, if in transit, at a nearby park.

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Use of City Vehicles for Breaks

City vehicles shall not be used to travel to business establishments or to a private residence for rest or meal breaks, or to pick up food or beverages except under emergency or pre-approved conditions. The only exceptions are for:

a. Public Safety personnel in the Police and Fire Departments who are required to respond to emergency situations and where the public presence of these personnel is desirable as a deterrent; and

b. Employees on official City business with the department heads approval;
c. Use of restroom facilities when a park facility is not accessible.

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Personal Mail, Visitors, Telephone Calls, and Fax Machines

Personal mail should not be addressed to you in care of the City, but should be sent to your home address. Personal visits by friends, relatives, or others during work hours are discouraged. If such a visit is necessary and cannot be done on non-work time, you are to obtain the approval of your supervisor.

City telephones, cellular phones, e-mail, Internet, and fax machines are for official City business. Use of City equipment for personal use is prohibited. If a personal call is necessary and cannot be made on non-work time, City telephones may be used with your supervisor’s approval. In any case, personal long distance calls are prohibited.

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Technical Resources Use and Monitoring Policy

Electronic systems, hardware, software, tools, and information are provided for the purpose of conducting business for the City of Riverside. All electronic systems or devices are the property of the City of Riverside. You will be given a copy of the Technical Resources Use and Monitoring Policy and must sign an acknowledgment of receipt stating that you have read and understood the policy. The acknowledgment form will be filed in your personnel file in the Human Resources Department.

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Safety is a responsibility shared by both the City and the employee. The City's responsibility is to provide a safety program aimed at accident prevention, instruction in safe job performance, the proper care of tools, equipment, and safety gear required for the job.

It is your responsibility to participate in the City Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) by:

• Working safely;

• Following safe work procedures;

• Using personal safety equipment provided, including seat belts;

• Reporting all dangerous conditions to a supervisor;

• Suggesting ways to prevent accidents; and

• Attending safety meetings

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Outside Employment

The City requires prior approval by your Department Head, the Human Resources Director, and the City Manager before you accept outside employment. If approved, such employment must not interfere with the satisfactory performance of your duties with the City, or be a conflict of interest.

Before accepting outside employment, you should discuss the matter with your supervisor. The required form to request approval is available in your department or through the Human Resources Department. Requests must be resubmitted for approval each year (12 consecutive months) if such employment is continued.

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