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Under Riverside's form of government, the Mayor is elected for a four (4) year term from the City at large. The City Council, made up of seven members, is elected by wards for overlapping four (4) year terms. The Mayor is the presiding officer at City Council meetings with a voice in all proceedings but without a vote, except to break a tie vote. The Mayor may veto acts of the City Council and five Council votes are required to overturn a veto.

The Mayor's basic responsibilities are to interpret the policies, programs and needs of the City Government for the people, to inform the people of any major change in policy or program, and to advise the City Council on all matters of policy and public relations.

The City Council, as the legislative body, has the authority to adopt City ordinances, change them as necessary, and determine how much will be spent by City government and for what purpose. The City Council determines what City taxes and fees shall be levied, approves contracts and agreements, and appoints citizen boards and commissions, as well as the City Manager, City Attorney, and City Clerk.

The City Manager is responsible for the general conduct and administration of all City business. The chart on the following page outlines the City’s organizational structure.
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