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Salary Plan

One of the principles of public employment is that similar jobs with similar duties and responsibilities are grouped together in what is called a class, and each of these classes has a salary range from 1 to 11 steps. Classes generally have 5-7 step salary ranges including a minimum or entry, intermediate, and a maximum rate of pay. Most full-time employees start at the first step, minimum or entry rate of pay, receive the second step after 6 months (13 pay periods) of employment, and the remaining steps at yearly (26 pay periods) intervals until the maximum salary rate is reached. Salary increases for part-time employees are based on the number of hours worked at each step (1,040 hours for second step and 2,080 hours for remaining steps). All of these salary increases are based on merit and a satisfactory performance rating by the employee's supervisor. They are not automatic.

All salary ranges are approved by City Council and are based on negotiations with bargaining units representing City employees, salary surveys, and recommendation by the Human Resources Director in conjunction with the City Manager.

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Pay Periods/Paydays

You are paid every two weeks, or 26 times a year, on Friday. If a payday falls on a holiday, you will be paid on the preceding work day. The pay you receive will be for a two week period ending on the Thursday a week before you are paid.

Direct Deposit is required for all new employees. For information, contact the Finance Division (Payroll).

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Payroll Deductions

There are two kinds of salary deductions: mandatory (those required by law) and voluntary (those authorized by you). Following are items which may appear on your paycheck as deductions:


Mandatory Voluntary
Retirement X  
Federal Withholding X  
State Withholding X  
Medicare X  
United Way/Other Charitable Organizations   X
Court Orders X  
Dental Insurance   X
Health Insurance   X
125 Plan   X
Credit Union   X
Deferred Compensation   X

Federal and State Tax Withholding will vary according to your earnings and the number of exemptions claimed on your W-4 Form. During January of each year, you will receive a W-2 Form indicating total pay during the previous year and the taxes withheld. This form is to be used when you file Federal and State income tax returns and must be received by all employees on or before January 31.

Optional deductions such as deferred compensation, employee association dues, United Way, Credit Union savings and loan accounts, or optional insurances may be deducted at a full-time benefited, benefited, and benefited employee’s discretion. Non-benefited employees may voluntarily have deductions made to Credit Union savings and loan accounts, or United Way.

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Occasionally, you may be asked to work overtime when the public interest requires it or because of an emergency. Generally, employees receive one and one-half (1-1/2) times their normal hourly rate or, in some cases, compensatory time instead of payment for hours worked beyond their regular working hours. Temporary and part-time employees are paid at their normal hourly rate, and overtime is received only after 40 hours worked in a work week.

Management Level II employees are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and do not receive overtime compensation and are eligible to receive administrative leave. Other overtime provisions, by bargaining unit, are addressed in your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). You can receive further information on these from your bargaining unit representative or the Human Resources Department.

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Call Time

In some departments, employees may be required to be on standby duty which requires them to be available to receive and respond to calls for emergency service. Any time an employee on standby responds to a call for emergency service, overtime is paid for time worked. The specifics of this policy vary by bargaining unit and are addressed in your MOU.

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Minimum Call Back

Employees on standby who are called back to respond for an emergency service, shall receive a defined, minimum number of hours compensation. The specifics of this policy vary by bargaining unit and are addressed in the Memorandum of Understanding for each bargaining unit.

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Court Time (Public Safety Employees)

Police and Fire Unit safety members, when required to be in a court of law outside their normal working hours, receive court pay in accordance with their MOU.

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Special Pay

Individual employees may, when assigned to certain designated positions, receive additional pay (either a dollar amount or percentage) above their base salaries because of special abilities, training and/or work assignments having added responsibility or hazards. Examples of these are: bilingual ability (includes sign language), Police Unit member assigned to motorcycle duty, or possession of POST Intermediate or Advance Certificates. Your supervisor will provide information (including the specific pay involved) on such special pay assignments that may affect you. The specific pay provisions vary by bargaining unit, and are outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding for each bargaining unit.

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Bilingual Designation

Subject to approval by the City Manager, a department head may designate certain positions as requiring the regular use of a second language, including sign language, in contacts with the public.

Certification as to proficiency in a second language shall be required of all employees assigned to a position requiring these skills as so designated by the City Manager.

A special salary premium, identified in the Salary Resolution, shall be provided a certified employee occupying a position approved by the City Manager as requiring the regular use of second language skills for public contact.

In situations where positions have been designated as requiring a second language, and are either filled by employees without these skills or vacant, another employee, certified as proficient, may temporarily serve as an interpreter and be eligible to receive the salary premium.

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Shift Differential

In those departments with either 2 or 3 shift (16 or 24 hour) operations, employees working regularly scheduled swing or graveyard shifts will receive additional pay for working these shifts. If you are in a class assigned to shift work, your supervisor will inform you of the shift differential you are to receive, which varies according to your bargaining unit.

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Auto Mileage

If required to use your personal automobile in the course of your employment with the City, you will be reimbursed in accordance with the rate established by City Policy.

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Direct Deposit

You may authorize the transfer of funds to your personal account. Every pay period the appropriate wages are automatically deposited into your individual checking or savings account. Direct deposit forms are available from the Human Resources Department and the Finance Division (Payroll). Direct Deposit is required for all new employees. For information, contact the Finance Division (Payroll).

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