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Employee Development/Training

The City offers a variety of City-wide training programs. Departments may also have department/job specific programs set up for their needs. These programs will change as the needs of the workforce develop.

M3P High Performance Learning Center

The M3P High Performance Learning Center is a fresh and exciting learning initiative developed by the Human Resources Department. The M3P High Performance Learning Center offers seven certificate programs within four learning streams.

These programs are founded on best practice models and reflect many of the results of recent training needs analyses. They provide a progressive pathway for building core competencies that have been identified as appropriate and necessary for City employees within different ranges of classifications or at varying stages of their careers.

City employees are strongly encouraged to participate in entire certificate programs; however, many certificate core courses are available as “independent” modules to non-certificate participants as well. A number of “stand alone” courses not within any certificate programs will also be offered. Interested parties should visit for more information, or contact the Human Resources Department, Training Division.

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Educational Reimbursement Program

The City of Riverside encourages employees to take education and training courses to enhance their skills. All regular full-time employees who have completed one year of employment and at least one probationary period are eligible to apply for educational reimbursement.

Reimbursement is for courses which are job related and/or lead toward possible advancement in the City. Approval is limited to courses offered by accredited colleges, universities, community colleges, adult education, or vocational programs. Accredited courses offered on-line through distance learning are included. Normally, correspondence courses shall not be approved for reimbursement.

Requests for education reimbursement will be reviewed and approved on an ongoing basis. Employees interested in applying for education reimbursement should contact the Human Resources Department, Training Division.

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Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program provides confidential, professional consultation and referral services to employees and their immediate families. It is available to assist in coping with life problems, such as alcohol or drug abuse, financial difficulties, legal, family or marital discord, or other issues which adversely affect one's life and job performance.

The program is contracted with a private local firm. Information discussed with the EAP is held in strictest confidence. For information, refer to your new employee packet, or call The Counseling Team International at (800) 222-9691.

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The goal of the City-wide program is to encourage people to live healthier lives. The City of Riverside sponsors its annual Health and Wellness Fair for all City employees in the fall. City employees may have the opportunity to receive various health-related screenings. In addition, during the open enrollment period, the City holds informational sessions to educate employees about benefit options for the new calendar year.

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United Way

The City participates in an annual, voluntary pledge drive for the United Way each year. Departmental representatives are chosen and awards are given to departments that pledge the most each year. Participants may choose to use the payroll deduction for their United Way contributions.

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Emergency Services

The Emergency Services Program for the City of Riverside is coordinated by the Police Department. The Emergency Services Coordinator is located in the Emergency Operations Center located at 3085 St. Lawrence. During an emergency, all operations will be coordinated from this location. They can reached by phone at (951) 320-8100.

The City Manager, designated Department Heads, and pre-selected employees will be responsible for conducting City-wide operations. City employees are designated as civil defense workers by law to assist as required.

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City Vehicles

Employees requiring transportation for their assigned duties will be provided a City car as required by the nature of their work or will receive mileage reimbursement for the use of their own private vehicles. City vehicles are to be used only for authorized City business. All accidents in City vehicles must be reported to the police and require the completion of a City accident report.

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The Clean Commute Rideshare Program

The Clean Commute Rideshare Program offers employees excellent commuter incentives that contribute to a cleaner, cost effective commute. All full-time and part-time employees are eligible to participate.

The Clean Commute Rideshare Program includes:

• Preferred Parking at selected sites

• Employees ride free on any RTA fixed route bus by showing their photo ID badge.

• Incentives such as quarterly drawings for participating commuters, clean car rebate opportunities, and regional discounts

• Matchlist Registration in a regional database

A Clean Commute and Rideshare Program Coordinator is available in the Administration Division of the Public Works Department to assist employees with information on alternative modes of transportation and incentive programs. For information, contact Commute and Rideshare Program Coordinator Chris Durham at (951) 826-5283, or via e-mail to

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The City has limited parking facilities in downtown Riverside. Parking assignments in our City Hall structure and other facilities are available to employees free of charge and are also available for carpoolers for a specific period of time and for a particular parking structure. For information, contact Parking Services at (951) 826-5620.

Parking citations received in municipal downtown visitor zones or illegal parking on the streets or areas other than where assigned will be the responsibility of the employee. Employees shall not park in visitor spaces or timed zones on the street. Failure to comply may subject an employee to disciplinary action.

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