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Equal Employment Opportunity

The City of Riverside is dedicated to equality of opportunity within its community and supports the protection available to employees under federal law. The City does not practice or condone discrimination in any form, and is committed to positive action to secure equal employment opportunity.

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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)/ Reasonable Accommodation

It is the policy of the City of Riverside that its facilities, programs, and activities be readily accessible and usable by individuals with disabilities. This policy also extends to any organization receiving financial assistance from the City or any service provider under contract with the City of Riverside. Every reasonable attempt will be made to enable disabled persons, access to facilities and events, including training and public meetings, and to receive the same benefits, services, and information as is provided to other employees, visitors, and meeting participants.

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Merit System

The City follows merit system principles which ensure equal opportunity for qualified persons who are appointed and promoted on the basis of open competition. Competition may take the form of application appraisal, written examinations, oral interviews, assessment centers, performance tests, and is not limited to any combination of these. Positions are filled by those most qualified, based on factors which relate only to skill, knowledge, and fitness for employment and in accordance with Equal Employment Opportunity and ADA guidelines.

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To maintain morale and professional working relationships among employees, the City has established guidelines for employment of relatives. No employee will have direct supervision of or, control over, initiate, or participate in any personnel action that may affect another City employee who is a relative. Relative is defined as any person within third degree by blood or marriage or registered domestic partnership.

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Employment Complaint and Appeal Procedure

The Employment Complaint and Appeal Procedure provides applicants and City employees with a timely process to consider their complaints regarding allegations of discrimination in employment.

Brochures and forms are available in the Human Resources Department at 3900 Main Street, 2nd Floor.

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Employee Selection

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the impartial administration of appropriate selection techniques such as written tests, oral interviews, and performance tests consistent with State and Federal guidelines for employee selection and merit principles.

Competitive examinations are used to establish eligibility lists, from which appointments are made by the departmental hiring authority.

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Employment Status

There are three primary types of employment status in the City; Regular full-time, Regular part-time, and Temporary.

Regular full-time (with benefits) - An employee appointed to a forty (40) hour per week or greater position established to provide service on a full-time, ongoing basis. Employees in this category occupy positions authorized by City Council and allocated in the budget.

Regular part-time (with benefits) - An employee appointed to a twenty (20) to thirty-nine (39) hour position established to provide service on a part-time or less than full time basis per week. Such work may be scheduled on an irregular basis. Part-time employees are paid on an hourly basis for actual hours worked.

Temporary (without benefits) - An employee appointed to a position established to provide service not exceeding 1,000 hours in any fiscal year. Such positions may be filled on a full-time or part-time basis. Appointment to a position in this category will be for a definite length of time, for a special project, for a regularly recurring need, or to reduce seasonal or peak work loads.

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Every person appointed to a regular position must serve a probationary period. Probationary periods shall be from six to eighteen months (13 to 39 pay periods) of continuous service depending on classification and/or employee bargaining unit as follows:

Bargaining Unit/Classification Months Pay Periods
Fire (Firefighter) 18 39
Fire (Management) 12 26
Fire (Other Ranks) 6 13
General/Confidential 12 26
Management     12 26
Police Management 12 26
Police (Other Ranks) 6 13
Police (Police Officer) 18 39
Police (Police Sergeant) 12 26
Police (Public Safety Dispatcher) 18 39
Public Utility Field 6 13
Refuse 12 26

The probationary period is the final part of the examination process. The process involves your supervisor’s evaluation of your performance and your adjustment to your new position. During the probationary period, you may be terminated without right of appeal if your job performance is less than satisfactory. Under some circumstances, your initial probation period may be extended.

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Performance Evaluation

Your supervisor is continually evaluating your performance on the job. A Probationary Performance Review may or may not be given during the probationary period. After the initial probationary period is successfully completed, you will receive an evaluation of your performance once each year for the remainder of your employment. Evaluations are officially recorded on a City performance evaluation form. Evaluations are maintained in your personnel folder, which is maintained by the Human Resources Department.
You and your supervisor will discuss the contents of each evaluation report; what you do well, what areas you can strengthen, and what steps can be taken to remedy any unsatisfactory performance. You may respond to your performance evaluation in writing for inclusion in your personnel folder.

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Classification and Pay Plan

The City's pay plan consists of a series of pay ranges. Each job classification within the City is assigned to one of these ranges based on job duties and responsibilities. Each position in City government is assigned to a salary range in accordance with the class specification for the position, which describes the typical and significant duties of a class as well as the minimum qualifications. 

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Merit Increases

Employees who start at Step 1 are eligible for a merit increase following six months or 1,040 hours of continuous employment and satisfactory work performance. If an employee is hired or promoted above the 1st step, eligibility for salary advancement comes after one year of service or 2,080 hours and satisfactory work performance has been met. Further merit increases may be granted annually upon demonstration of a satisfactory performance until the top of the range has been reached.

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Promotion will be of interest to you if you are planning a career with the City. Promotions are based on the merit principle that requires you to meet the experience and education requirements for the position, and successfully pass a competitive examination or other selection process. City tests and interviews may take place during work hours.

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A transfer is a move from one department or division to another within the same classification and salary range. Employees will receive the same salary step in the new position as held in the former position. Approval of a transfer is subject to availability of an opening, agreement of Department Heads involved and, if it is between departments, approval of the Human Resources Director. Should you desire a transfer, contact the Human Resources Department. 

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Should you decide to resign from City employment, you should give your supervisor at least two (2) weeks notice in writing on a City Resignation Form. You may obtain the form from your supervisor, the Human Resources Department, or the City Intranet. All terminating employees must complete the separation process with the Human Resources Department. City identification cards and garage access cards must be returned to the Human Resources Department. Uniforms, keys, fuel card, manuals, equipment, and any other City materials must be returned to your supervisor.

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Personnel Records

Information about you as an employee, such as salary changes promotions and transfers, are part of your personnel file.

You have the right to review your personnel file during regular working hours. If you wish to do so, secure permission from your supervisor and contact the Human Resources Department for an appointment.

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Change of Name, Address, or Status

Your personnel file and payroll records must be kept current and correct. In the event you change your address, telephone number, or name you must notify your supervisor in order for the appropriate form to be completed and to update department and official City records. All changes of address, telephone numbers, emergency contacts, or family status (births, adoptions, marriage, death, divorce, etc.) must be reported to the Human Resources Department immediately in order to maintain accurate records. This information is kept confidential.

The Human Resources Department has forms available for you to maintain correct information on your health, dental, and deferred compensation plans. The forms as well as other informational materials are available online.

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Medical Records

Your medical records are confidential and are kept in separate files apart from your personnel records.

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In the event of a reduction in force (layoff), the City will give at least thirty (30) calendar days’ notice to affected employees of an impending layoff. The City may substitute pay in lieu of notice for all or a portion of the thirty (30) days.

The City will make every attempt to transfer employees to other departments if comparable vacancies exist and contact other employers in order to help employees find other jobs.

Laid off employees will have reinstatement and seniority rights as outlined in the City Reinstatement Policy in the Personnel Policies & Procedures Manual, which shall include the right to consideration for reinstatement for a period of thirty-six (36) months from date of layoff.

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