City of Riverside California City of Riverside California Human Resources
:: Human Resources Policy and Procedure Manual


  I-1 Requesting and Recruiting Personnel
  I-2 Testing, Certification, and Eligibility Lists
  I-3 Types of Positions, Appointments, and Status Dates in City Employment
  I-4  Reinstatement (Non-Military)
  I-5 Probation and Probationary Periods
  I-6 Nepotism
  I-7 Secondary Employment or Business Activity
  I-8 Employee Separation
  I-9 Requesting Volunteers
  I-10 Pre-Employment Medical Exams
  I-11 Temporary Agency Services Program
  I-12 Reference/Background Checks
  I-13 Employee Transfers
  I-14 Criminal Background/Livescan(Under Review)
  I-15 Veterans' Preference Policy
I-16 Equal Employment Opportunity
  I-17 Appointment and Selection of City Attorney Classifications and Salary Placement


  II-1 Classification Plan Administration
  II-2 Reclassification
  II-3 Salary Plan Administration
  II-4 Hours of Work
  II-5 Rest and Meal Breaks
  II-6 Overtime Compensation for Non-Safety Management Employees and Administrative Leave
  II-7 Position Control
  II-8 Miscellaneous Leave Compensation
  II-9 Travel Time (Non-Exempt Employees)
  II-10 Tardiness Policy


  III-1 Discipline
  III-2 Personnel Records and General Personnel Files
  III-3 Subpoenas for Employee Records
  III-4 Violence In The Workplace
  III-5 Drug-Free Workplace
  III-6 Harassment Free Workplace
  III-7 Reasonable Accommodation for Disabled Applicants and Employees
  III-8 Reasonable Suspicion and Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol Testing
  III-9 Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy for Employees (Except Fire Engineers) Whose Positions Require a Commercial Driver License or Who Perform Safety-Sensitive Transit or Paratransit Duties


  IV-1 Performance Evaluation
  IV-2 Customer Service Standards/Dress Guidelines
  IV-3 Education Reimbursement Program


  V-1 State Disability Insurance (SDI) and Paid Family Leave for General, Confidential and Refuse Employees
  V-2 Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD)
  V-3 Employee Leave Donation Plan
  V-4 Family, Medical, and/or Pregnancy Disability Leave
  V-5 Leave of Absence (Military)
V-6 Leave of Absence Without Pay (General)
  V-7 Furlough Policy (Voluntary/Unpaid)
  V-8 Life Insurance
  V-9 Health/Vision and Dental Insurance
  V-10 Dental Insurance - Refer to Policy V-9
  V-11 Flexible Spending Account - Section 125 Plan
  V-12 Deferred Compensation
  V-13 Retirement (CALPERS)
  V-14 Temporary/Seasonal Employee Benefits
  V-15 Employee Assistance Program
  V-16 Bilingual or Sign Language Designation
  V-17 Work Uniforms for Employees (Other than Public Safety)


  VI-01 Industrial Injury Compensation and Return to Work
  VI-02 Modified Duty Program for Work Related Injuries
  VI-03 Public Safety (Fire and Police) Industrial Disability
  VI-04 Reasonable Accommodation for Employees Who Have Been Injured On the Job
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