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2018 Open Enrollment FAQ's

Below are our frequently asked questions for the 2018 Open Enrollment period.

Please click on each category below to expand and view the questions.

Open enrollment will take place October 30th through November 17th, 2017. All benefit changes and/or new enrollments must be submitted using the Employee Online system no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 17th.
Open Enrollment changes, including medical and dental plan changes, dependent additions/deletions, health opt-out, and Flexible Spending Account will have to be done through the Employee Online system.
The Open Enrollment Employee Online system is accessible through the City’s intranet or through the City’s internet ( From the City’s internet, click on the Online Services link then click on the "Employee Online" link.  From the intranet page, you must click on the “Employee Online” link.
Your login is your 5 digit employee identification number. If you have forgotten your password and have an e-mail on file, you can utilize the “I forgot my password” link located on the main login screen. A temporary password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address on file. You can also contact the IT Help Desk at (951) 826-5508 during normal business hours (M-F, 8-5) to have it reset.
If you are on an approved leave of absence during the Open Enrollment period you can still access the Employee Online system through the City’s internet ( under the Online Services link.  If you need further assistance, please contact the Human Resources Benefits Team at (951) 826-5639.
If you are an existing Anthem Blue Cross member, yes, you will need to submit an open enrollment change to switch to either a Blue Shield plan or Kaiser plan.  Kaiser members that will not make a health plan change will not need to submit an open enrollment change.  If you are not making changes to your existing dental plan, this plan will carry over to the 2018 plan year. If you participated in the Health opt-out program or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) during 2017 and wish to continue during 2018, you must renew your selection. 
Yes, you may access the Open Enrollment system as many times as you need during the Open Enrollment period and make additional changes to any online changes submitted up until November 17th. You must first delete any existing pending requests before you can submit a new one. Please contact Human Resources at (951) 826-5639 if you experience any problems.
Plan summaries and 2018 rate information for the various Health and Dental plans can be found on the Human Resources Benefits webpage under the “Open Enrollment” link. (
Medical and dental premiums are paid a month in advance; therefore, benefit premiums for 2018 will be reflected on your first paycheck in December.
Any plan changes made during the Open Enrollment period to your medical and/or dental coverage and flexible spending accounts will be effective January 1, 2018. Coverage effective date for Additional Life Insurance and Long Term Disability will vary based on the completion of the medical underwriting process (as applicable).
You will need to submit your address changes through the Employee Online system. Once you have accessed the system, under Personal Information, click on "Home Address", click on "Update Record", make any necessary changes and click submit.
If you miss the Open Enrollment deadline to submit changes to your medical and/or dental plans, add eligible dependents, or enroll in Flexible Spending (FSA) you will need to wait until next year's Open Enrollment season to make these changes; unless you experience a Qualifying Event.
If you have a Qualifying Event (marriage, birth of a child, loss of coverage, etc.) during the month of November (1st-30th), you may add eligible dependents to your medical and/or dental plan within 30 days of your qualifying event. Please note that qualifying events during the month of November are handled separately from Open Enrollment changes. Coverage effective date for Qualifying Events may be December 1, 2017 or January 1, 2018, depending on the qualifying event. To submit your request, you will need to complete paper enrollment forms (only for qualifying events in November); please contact the Benefits division at (951) 826-5639 to obtain forms.
Enrollment requests for Additional Life Insurance are accepted through The Standard's website. Employees interested in applying for Additional Life Insurance can access the link via the Employee Online system; simply click on "Add'l Life Ins" link.
Employees in the Fire and Police Units may enroll in LTD coverage through their respective associations. IBEW Field employees are automatically enrolled in LTD coverage.

Confidential employees hired on or after January 1, 2016, Executives, Management, Para-Professional, Sr., Professional, and Supervisory employees are eligible to enroll in LTD at any time. Requests must be submitted directly with The Standard and the link can be accessed through Employee Online by clicking on the LTD link.

Eligible dependents that you may want to add to your medical and/or dental plan are outlined in Personnel Policy V-9 Health Insurance and include:
  • Spouse – A spouse as defined or recognized under State law or registered domestic partner
  • Child –a biological or adopted child, a stepchild or a legal ward (guardianship)
  • Grandchild (Legal dependent other than child) –a biological, adopted or step-grandchild for whom the employee has legal guardianship.
Per the Health Care Reform Law, eligible dependents can be covered under the employee's health plan up to age 26. The City has also extended Dental and Vision coverage to these dependents.
If you have added an eligible dependent during the Open Enrollment period, you must submit supporting documentation to the Human Resources Benefits Division by 5:00 p.m. on November 17th. Be sure to indicate your 5 digit employee ID number at the top right hand side of any documentation. Please refer to the Dependent Verification information sheet for additional information.
Yes, you may email a scanned copy of the documentation to or fax it to 951-826-2421 or you may stop by the Human Resources Office and drop off a copy personally. All documentation must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on November 17th.
If dependent information (social security number, date of birth, address, etc.) is listed incorrectly in the Employee Online system, you may correct it by clicking "Dependent Information” and selecting the appropriate dependent. You will be redirected to another screen where you will be able to override existing information with correct information. When finished click the “save” button. Please note that name changes/corrections are not allowed, if you need to correct or change a dependent's name, please contact the Benefits division at 951-826-5639.
You may add a dependent to the “Dependent Information” screen; simply click on the “add record” button and complete all required information about your dependent. Per the Federal Health Care Reform reporting requirements, all employees must provide a valid Social Security Number (SSN) for each dependent. Keep in mind that adding dependents to the “Dependent Information” screen DOES NOT add them to your medical and/or dental coverage; please refer to subsequent questions for additional information.
If you wish to drop an existing dependent from your medical and/or dental coverage you may do so by following these easy steps:
  1. Click on Benefit Selection link.
  2. Click on the Medical/Dental link under Coverage Type.
  3. On the "Update Open Enrollment Benefit" screen uncheck only the box next to the dependent(s) you wish to remove from your coverage (Note: An unmarked checkbox next to the dependents name will tell the system you do not want to enroll that dependent into your plan.)
  4. If applicable, check the arbitration certification checkbox to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the arbitration language.
  5. Click the "Save" button to process your request.
If you are enrolling in a Blue Shield HMO plan, you will need to designate a Primary Care Physician (PCP) for yourself and each covered dependent. You do not need to designate a PCP if you are enrolling in the Blue Shield PPO plan or one of the Kaiser HMO plans. The PCP provider ID can be found on the Blue Shield website:, under the "find a doctor" link.  Once the PCP provider ID is located, you will need to copy and paste the 9-digit number on the Employee Online system.  Be sure to verify you and your covered dependents are assigned to the correct PCP and medical group upon receipt of your membership card(s).  If you need to change or correct your PCP or medical group, please contact Blue Shield at 855-599-2657.

For new Delta Care HMO members, you must contact Delta Care to designate a primary dentist at 800-422-4234 any time after December 18, 2017.

Yes, you may make changes to your existing medical and/or dental coverage during the Open Enrollment period only.
For current Anthem Blue Cross members, you must make an election to enroll in a Blue Shield plan or Kaiser plan.  Your Anthem Blue Cross coverage will terminate effective 12/31/2017 and if you do not enroll in an alternate plan, you and your covered dependents may not have medical coverage effective January 1, 2018.  If you are a Kaiser member and do not wish to make any changes to your plan or dependents, your medical coverage will carry over to 2018. Dental elections will also carry over into the 2018 plan year if no change is selected.
When adding a dependent through the Employee Online system, you will need to create a dependent profile under Dependent Information. Once the dependent profile has been created, you will need to continue to Benefits Selection. On the Open Enrollment Benefit Selection screen:
  1. Click on the "Medical" and/or "Dental" link.
  2. On the Choose Open Enrollment Benefit screen, click on the Plan you desire.
  3. On the Add/Switch Open Enrollment Benefit screen, select your Coverage Category and under Covered Dependents place a check mark for each Dependent you wish to add to your coverage.
  4. If applicable, click on the Arbitration Certification check box.
  5. Click on the ‘Save’ button to submit your request.
Lastly, click on "Benefit Confirmation" to review your request and verify your changes have been submitted. Print a copy for your records.
No, the Health Opt-Out (Health Reimbursement Program) selection you made for 2017 will not carry over to calendar year 2018. Current proof of coverage documentation is needed for all employees who wish to participate in the Health Opt-Out program during 2018.

Be sure to indicate your 5 digit employee ID at the top right hand side of any documentation. Please note that employees in the Refuse unit may choose to “decline” medical coverage, but are not eligible for a stipend.
No, all you need to do is send Human Resources an email at letting us know the name and employee ID of your spouse. If you don't have access to email, you may contact us at 951-826-5639.
When enrolled in a Pre-tax Medical and/or Dental Plan, premiums are deducted from the employee's check before Federal, State and Medicare taxes are calculated. Having premiums deducted on a Pre-tax basis reduces the amount of taxable income. All employees should select the “Pre-tax” plan option unless they are enrolling a domestic partner; in such case premium contributions made by an employee for the cost of coverage for a registered domestic partner must be paid on an After-tax basis unless the domestic partner is a qualified tax dependent per IRC 152. In addition, an employee may not make pre-tax contributions to a Flexible Spending Account on behalf of a domestic partner. All employees should select a Pre-tax plan unless they have a registered domestic partner covered under their Medical and/or Dental Plan.

No, participation in the Flexible Spending Account plans must be renewed each calendar year during the Open Enrollment period. You must renew your contribution by following the steps indicated in the question below. If you do not submit a new request, participation in an FSA plan will terminate effective 12/31/17.
To enroll in one or both of the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) programs: Start by clicking on the “Benefit Selection” link in Employee Online, then follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the "FSA Health Care or FSA Dependent Care" link.
  2. On the Add Open Enrollment Benefit screen, enter an Annual Deduction Amount.
  3. Click on the "Save” button to submit your request.
The maximum annual contribution for the Health Care Spending account is $2,600. The maximum annual contribution for the Dependent Care Spending account is $5,000. Contributions will be deducted from your paycheck bi-weekly for 24 out of 26 pay periods.
The administrative annual fee to participate in either the FSA Health Plan, Dependent Plan or both is $72 ($3.00 per pay period will be deducted on a bi-weekly basis).
You may contact Tri-AD regarding the FSA plan(s) via phone at 888-844-1372 or visit their website at
Employees who participated in a Health Care Spending Account during 2017, may carryover up to $500 of unutilized contributions to the new 2018 plan year. The carryover will happen automatically for employees with a balance (up to $500). Employees who have a carryover balance and do not designate additional monies during open enrollment, will still be charged the $6.00 per month administrative fee, until the balance is depleted.  Employees may also contribute the annual limit of $2600 and could potentially have a total annual spending amount of $3100 for 2018. There is no carryover provision for Dependent Care, therefore any unused contributions to the Dependent Care account will be forfeited at the end of the year. Therefore, make sure you allocate annual contributions conservatively.
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