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When do New Hire benefits become effective?

If an employee is hired on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of the month, then benefits are effective the first of the following month. Employees hired on the 4th through the end of the month must wait 30 days from the hire date and benefits become effective the first of the following month. Example: Hire date is June 15th, 30 day probation is till July 15th, and benefits become effective August 1st.

Who are considered my dependents?

Spouse, domestic partner, children, step-children, adopted children and grandchildren or step-grandchildren for whom the employee has legal guardianship.

Do I need to provide documentation (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.) when adding an eligible dependent to my health or dental plan?

Yes, your dependent will not be eligible for coverage without a copy of the required documentation. 

Who do I contact if I and/or one of my dependents have not received health and/or dental insurance(s) card?

Contact the health and/or dental provider to find out the status of the card.  Please refer to the Provide Directory link for telephone and website information.

If my spouse loses his/her coverage elsewhere can I add him/her to the City health and/or dental insurance?

Yes, you have 30 calendar days from the date your spouse loses coverage to add him/her to your insurance plan(s).  You will have to provide the City with letter or Cobra letter from the employer.

Can I switch health and/or dental providers anytime during the year?

No, employees can only switch plans during open enrollment.

When is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is generally the first three weeks in November.  The Human Resources Department will notify you of the exact dates via a letter sent to your home address in October.

Does the City pay into Social Security?

No, the City participates in PERS:  Public Employees' Retirement System.  Medicare portion of Social Security is the only deduction from the paycheck; for those employees hired after 4/1/86.

I signed up for Dependent Care Reimbursement and am sending the claim form to the Flexible Spending Plan administrator.
  1. Does HR need a copy of the claim form?
    No, HR does not need a copy of the claim form.  Employees must submit to TRIAD directly.
  2. Who is responsible for reimbursing me and when can I expect the check ...biweekly or monthly?
    TRIAD will reimburse you the money according to how much is in the account. If the cost incurred is more then what is in account, TRIAD will only reimburse amount in account and then will send you a check biweekly till you have been reimbursed
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