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Legal Services Plan

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The City of Riverside is excited to offer LegalGUARD; an affordable optional legal insurance plan underwritten by Nationwide that protects members from unexpected personal legal issues.

Benefits are designed to meet the typical needs of an employee and their family. There are no deductibles to worry about for covered services. Benefits cover the attorney’s time. Other costs such as filing fees or court costs are not covered. Please visit the LegalGUARD website for a list of matters that are covered and detailed plan information. This plan offers the convenience of in-network and out-of-network benefits.

Plan Cost

The LegalGUARD Plan is only $17.54 per month, via payroll deduction. Deductions are after-tax.

Who's Covered?

The Member’s spouse, or domestic partner, the parents of the Member or their Spouse, and Member’s unmarried dependent children, including stepchildren, legally adopted children, children placed in the home for adoption and foster children, up to age 19, and from age 19 up to 26 years if they are enrolled in an accredited school or college as full-time student(s) and are primarily dependent upon the Member for support.

Summary of Benefits

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LegalGuard Plan Benefits