Human Resources


The Training & Development Division strives to cultivate a culture of learning in which every employee, student, and volunteer has an opportunity to develop professionally and personally.

We design programs that validate their experiences and engage them in a way that promotes collaboration, mutual respect, inclusiveness, and new ways of thinking.


Learning programs currently offered include an emerging leader program, sexual harassment prevention for managers, hosted webinars, career development workshops, and more. The Division also oversees an education reimbursement program, which reimburses employees for tuition and registration fees associated with coursework and training pursued on their personal time. We maintain relationships with local and national universities to provide tuition discounts for employees and have been identified as a learning site for students looking to gain relevant work experience.


Additionally, our City has a number of individuals with rich experiences and a desire to share their time and talents for the common good. We ensure that the Municipal Volunteer Program is implemented efficiently by giving our supervisors the tools and information they need to ensure a positive volunteer experience.

If you have any questions for the Training & Development Team, please email us at [email protected].