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Human Resources

Employee Health & Wellness Testimonials


"Completing the Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge encouraged me to stay focused and keep track of my new healthy habits. I looked forward to the Get Fit Challenge 2013 for a better lifestyle which includes workout sessions that boost my energy and self-esteem (45 sit ups 3 nights a week). BIG thanks HR/Wellness for turning “I can’t into Yes I Can and Yes I am still doing it!!"

        N. Thomas
        Community Development Department
Get Fit Challenge/Maintain Don't Gain

"Today's “Get Fit Challenge Rally” with Chef Marla was incredibly educational! She taught us how to find and cook a variety of flavored pasta that doesn’t have to be butter or sauce laden to be tasty….and more important, healthy. Her presentation and dialog was easy to follow and retain. I could hardly wait to tell the girls I work with about the presentation and share the information that I acquired in the one-hour. Please invite her back to do another one of her sessions in healthy culinary!"

        S. Hedges
        Traffic Engineering Division
Get Fit Challenge Rally

"Thank you for having the Get Fit Challenge weight loss contest again – I needed the encouragement to get serious……..and serious is what I did these last 2 weeks, now just 10 more to go!!! Thank all who sponsor the prizes and do so much work with the tips, and workshops, etc. It may take someone like me a couple of years to finally figure it out – but now that I have, I’m excited to see how this turns out. I feel better already, my knees aren’t hurting as much, it’s going to be a huge transformation – I promise you, you will see a huge difference in me during the next 2 months thanks to your motivation."

        S. Libring
        Public Works
Get Fit Challenge

"This Wednesday’s Get Fit Challenge Rally was the best! Chef Marla was informative, funny, talented and passionate. Thank you for arranging to have her teach. And while I’m at it, thank you for all the behind the scenes work you must do to be able to put these classes together."

        E. Alcala
        Public Utilities
Get Fit Challenge Rally

"Wow! That Get Fit Challenge Rally had to be the best Cooking Demo ever! I really enjoyed the whole experience and would love to have other classes with Marla again. I learned so much and I love cooking healthy. Thank you for having the classes available."

        K. Sessions
        CM/Finance Department
Get Fit Challenge Rally

"I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Thrive program. I joined a swim team after being away from the sport for over 20 years. I will definitely keep that up. It was also nice to cheer on co-workers to reach their goals. It was great to be encouraging fitness without the focus being weight related."

        M. Finney
        Fire Department
Thrive Across America (TAA)

"Thrive Across America is a great tool. After using it at work, I introduced it to my kids and they love it and are encouraged to work out to see themselves move across America. It has motivated me and my family to become more active. The tips and suggestions that are emailed daily are awesome and we have tried several recipes from them. Thanks for introducing us to this program."

        D. Roa
        City Clerk's Office
Thrive Across America (TAA)

"The Thrive Across America Challenge motivated me to stay fit after the challenge was over. For the first time I’ve joined a fitness gym and I am much more conscience of my eating, exercising and sleeping habits. I’m looking forward to next year’s challenge!"

        J. Brookshire
        City Council/City Manager’s Office
Thrive Across America (TAA)

"Completing the Thrive challenge helped me make fitness a daily habit. I realized that I can do small bursts of fitness all day, and it adds up to a big change in my fitness level."

        S. McKay-Davis
        Police Department

        Thrive Across America (TAA)

"Participating in the Thrive Across America program helped me keep track of daily habits. Knowing I needed to log information to help my team kept me motivated. I have continued to exercise even now that the program is over. It was just the kick-start to fitness that I needed."

        M. Tanner
        Human Resources Department
Thrive Across America (TAA)

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