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Human Resources

Workers' Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What should I do if I am hurt on the job?

Tell your supervisor right away. Complete the first aid form if you do not wish to receive medical treatment at the time. Complete the claim form if you need medical treatment. You will be referred to the nearest industrial clinic. If it's a medical emergency go to the nearest emergency room right away.

What do I get paid if I'm off work?

If the treating physician takes you off work you are entitled to salary continuance benefits. Safety Officers receive 100% of their salary for up to 1 year. All other employees receive 80% of their salary for up to 1 year. These benefits are not taxable. After the year of salary continuance the rate would be 2/3 of your salary up to a maximum of $490.00 per week.

Who is the City's Insurance Carrier?

The City of Riverside is self administrated by the City Manager's office. The office is located at 3900 Main Street and the phone number is 951-826-5559.

The claims administrator has delayed my claim but I need medical treatment. What can I do?

The claims administrator may delay your claim for up to 90 days. Within one working day after an employee files a claim form, the employer shall authorize the provision of all treatment, consistent with the applicable treating guidelines, for the alleged injury and shall continue to provide treatment until the date that liability for the claim is accepted or rejected. Until the date the claim is accepted or rejected, liability for medical treatment shall be limited to ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

What kind of work can I do while I recover?

Your treating doctor is responsible for telling the employer what restrictions you need during your recovery. The City of Riverside has a light duty policy and will place you in your department or elsewhere in the city where there is available work within your restrictions. You will receive your regular pay while on a light duty assignment.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with my treating doctor?

Call the claims administrator and they will help you change physicians.

What if I can't return to my job because of a permanent work restriction?

The City of Riverside will attempt to find a modified or alternate position within the city whenever possible.

Where can I get more information?

You may contact the Workers' Compensation Office of the City of Riverside at 951-826-5559 or you may also contact the free information and assistance office of the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board. Their address is 3737 Main St. Riverside. Their phone number is 951-782-4347.

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