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A list of helpful titles from our business collection at the Main Library.

Recent Additions

Tips & Traps for Writing an Effective Business Plan

by Greg Balanko-Dickson

Write a polished, effective business plan in 30 days or less! Tips & Traps arms you with the know-how and tools you need to write your own surefire business plan-in record time. Tips include mastering the 10 key components of a successful business plan, understanding all your financial options, and streamlining the process using worksheets, sample forms, and ready-to-use templates.

What Were They Thinking? Unconventional Wisdom about Management

by Jeffrey Pfeffer

Why do so many companies make so many missteps – even while led by hard working, smart, and serious people who expend major time and effort trying to do the right thing? In What Were Your Thinking, the author provides incisive and engaging responses to this question based on his popular Business 2.0 column, “The Human Factor.”

The Wall Street Journal Complete Identity Theft Guidebook: How to Protect Yourself from the Most Pervasive Crime in America

by Terri Cullen

The essential guide for safeguarding your identity and beating identity theft. The reader will learn: 1) how to avoid the most common scams, 2) why children under eighteen are the fastest growing target, 3) why your credit report is the single most important document for protecting your identity, and 4) ho to use the same letters, forms and other useful tools inside for recovering from identity theft.

Doing Business in China

by Ted Plafker

Learn how to profit in the world’s fastest growing market. Definitive A to Z guide to all aspects of breaking into and expanding opportunities in China.

Bids, Tenders & Proposals: Winning Business through Best Practice

by Harold Lewis

Provides expert guidance on how to win services and consultancy contracts, research awards and government funding through competitive tenders. Using examples and checklists, explains how to create bids that are outstanding in both technical quality and value for money.

Corporate Culture: Illuminating the Black Hole

by Jerome Want

Key strategies on high-performing business cultures. Using real live examples, the author provides insights as to how management and boards of directors can deal with culture of the enterprise they serve.

Other Recommendations

101 Internet Businesses You Can Start From Home: How to choose and build your own successful e-Business

by Susan Sweeney

Written for those who want to break away from rigid schedules, unappreciative bosses and soul-sapping commutes, this book will put prospective Internet entrepreneurs on the road to success. Each of the 101 business profiles includes promotion techniques for start-ups. The book will help you develop the best e-business idea for you, understand what it takes to make your e-business really work, start making money from the comfort of your own home and effectively promote your e-business to maximize success.

Best Customers: Demographics of Consumer Demand

Best Customers provides a unique look at who the best and biggest customers are for hundreds of individual products and services, alerting marketers to potential booms and busts in the years ahead. This reference source is divided into 21 chapters, arranged alphabetically, with each chapter focusing on a major spending category. Within each chapter, individual products and services are arranged alphabetically. The chapters are: alcoholic beverages, apparel, computers, education, entertainment, financial products and services, household furnishings, gifts to non-household members, groceries, health care, household services, housekeeping supplies, personal care products and services, reading material, restaurants and carry-outs, shelter and utilities, telephone, tobacco, transportation, travel and utilities

California Retail Survey

The California Retail Survey is an excellent source when you are looking for accurate data on growth rates, changes in market share, or business formation trends. The directory analyzes the retail performance of California’s counties and cities. It includes eleven years of sales data, for over 40 types of stores, including department stores, women’s apparel, auto dealers, and much more.

Concise Encyclopedia of Real Estate Business Terms

by Bill & Ryan Roark

Whether you're a real estate student, real estate professional or first-time home buyer, the Concise Encyclopedia of Real Estate Business Terms is an excellent source of information. This work, which is more of an encyclopedia than a dictionary, includes hundreds of real estate terms that are explained with easy-to-understand definitions as well as examples of leases, closing checklists, purchase agreements and other useful forms.

Directory of Mailing List Companies: A Guide to Mailing List Sources

The Directory of Mailing List Companies, by Barry Klein, is an essential tool for any business or organization utilizing a direct –mail publicity, promotion, or sales campaign.

The 16 th edition features approximately 1300 mailing list companies (brokers, compilers, managers and owners of over 50,000 mailing lists). It also contains new listings and hundred of changes of address, websites, e-mails and contact names.

Encyclopedia of Business & Finance

This two-volume directory has a collection of over 300 articles presenting a wealth of information about the major functional areas of business, including accounting, economics, finance, information systems, law, management, and marketing. The articles vary in length and depth. While some articles tend to present a historical perspective, others focus on current concepts and more recent data. Other articles provide “how-to” advice.

Encyclopedia of Small Business

by Arsen J. Darnay and Monique D. Magee, editors

Definitive resource for the small business owner, would-be entrepreneur and for students of business. It offers extensive coverage of most aspects of business activity, from human resources on up to organizational issues, production and productivity; financial activities, purchasing, starting, buying and selling a business and much more.

How to Start a Business in California

How to Start a Business in California is your roadmap to avoiding operational legal, and financial pitfalls and breaking through the bureaucratic red tape that ofen entangled new entrepreneurs. This all-in-one resource provides valuable sample forms and letters on CD-ROM, mailing addresses telephone numbers and websites for the federal, state, local and private agencies that will get your business up and running, state population statistics, income and consumption rates, information on choosing a legal form, selecting a business name, and much more.

How To Write a Business Plan

by Mike McKeever

How to Write a Business Plan show you how to make realistic financial projections, develop effective marketing strategies and refine your overall business goals. You'll learn how to figure out if your business idea will make money, determine assets, liabilities and net worth, find potential sources of financing, and make money on your first day of business. Comes with a CD-ROM with spreadsheets and three sample business plans.

Mail order Business Directory: A Guide to Business & Consumer Catalogs

This directory is designed for consumers, businesses, professionals, librarians, researchers, and others interested in locating mail order companies and their catalogs. It is an invaluable aid for finding products for your home, business, or organization.

The Small Business Start-Up Guide: A Surefire Blueprint to Successfully Launch Your Own Business

by Hal Rook and Steve Koenig

The Small Business Start-Up Guide is a fact-filled account of the do’s and don’ts of starting a small business. Although intended for beginners, established businesspeople will find this a useful reference guide. The first twelve chapters deal with the preliminary tasks, research, and preparation needed to start a small business, the pros and cons of various business entitie, how to actually start each type of entity and useful start-up information about vital issues such as insurance, taxes and financing. Chapter 13 consists of a complete listing of the general requirements of all fifty states and the District of Columbia for starting sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. The appendix includes a list of the Small Business Administration’s publications, state tax obligations, and interesting start-up business statistics. A must-have resource for anyone starting a business.

Small Time Operator: How to Start Your Own Business, Keep Your Books, Pay Your Taxes and Stay Out of Trouble

by Bernard B Kamoroff

Written for small businesses, self-employed individuals, employers, professionals, independent contractors, home businesses and Internet businesses, Small Time Operator is the most popular business start-up guide ever. In clear, easy-to-understand language, the author covers: getting permits and licenses; how to finance a business; finding the right business location; creating and using a business plan; choosing and protecting a business name; deciding whether to incorporate; establishing a complete bookkeeping system; hiring employees; federal, state and local taxes; buying a business or franchise; dealing with — and avoiding — the IRS; doing business on the Internet; insurance, contracts, pricing, trademarks, patents, and much more.

Start a Business in California (includes CD-ROM)

by John J. Talamo and Mark Warda

Start a Business in California is your guide to successfully starting and running your new business. From choosing your business to employment and financial matters, this book simplifies the start-up process while saving you time and money. Includes ready-to-go forms (Fictitious Business Name Statement, Application for Employer Identification Number, Wage & Tax Statement, etc.) with step-by-step instructions.