:: Business Buzz

Business Buzz is the monthly business column for the BID Bulletin (Main Business Improvement District) written by RPL's Business Services Manager, Jeff Lambert. It offers informative news about Main Riverside and provides useful information for the local business community.

All articles are in PDF format.

2008 Articles

Jan. 2008
Keeping Our New Year’s Resolutions

Feb. 2008
Have Customers? We Can Help!

March 2008
Business Faves

April 2008
Baseball, Spring Cleaning, and Uncle Sam

May 2008
The Serious Side of Business: Marketing and Customer Service

June 2008
Googling 101

July 2008
The Flip Side of Google

2007 Articles

Jan. 2007
Getting Down to Business: Interview with Jeff Lambert, Business Services Manager for the Riverside Public Library

Feb. 2007
Riverside’s Untapped Resource

March 2007
There's No Business Like "Small Business"

April 2007
Market Share: Knowing Your Competition

May 2007
SCORE One for the Good Guys

June 2007
Just the Stats Ma’am

July 2007
Coming to a Library Near You — JOBS

Aug. 2007
Show Me the Money

Sept. 2007
Riverside’s One Stop Shop

Oct. 2007
A Small Business Success Story

Nov. 2007
Jeopardy For Business

Dec. 2007
Business Bits and Pieces