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City of Riverside Administrative Manual

01. General

Name Title Size
01.001.00.pdf Introduction 23.4 Kb
01.002.00.pdf City Offices Operation, Appearance and Security 441.5 Kb
01.003.00.pdf Confidential Information 1010.8 Kb
01.004.00.pdf Mayor's and Council's Constituent Complaint Management System 22.7 Kb
01.005.00.pdf Employee Suggestion Awards Program 93 Kb
01.006.00.pdf Grant Management/Administration 1549.7 Kb
01.007.00.pdf Employee Parking - City Hall 239.2 Kb
01.008.00.pdf Smoking Policy 601.8 Kb
01.009.00.pdf Acceptance of Gifts 19.3 Kb
01.009.01.pdf Code of Ethics and Conduct 307.6 Kb
01.010.00.pdf City Equipment Provided to Elected Officials and Expense Reimbursement 27.5 Kb
01.011.00.pdf Fraud Prevention Policy 1305.5 Kb
01.012.00.pdf Guidelines for use of the Grier Pavilion 37.5 Kb
01.013.00.pdf Sub Recipient Grant Monitoring 967 Kb
01.014.00.pdf Use of Mass Internal E-Mails 48.3 Kb
01.015.00.pdf Non-Employee Use of Clothing with City Seal or Insignia 799.6 Kb
01.016.00.pdf Guidelines for Use of the Fox Performing Arts Center 1150.3 Kb
01.017.00.pdf Distribution of Tickets and Passes 1107.3 Kb
01.018.00.pdf GTV Sponsorship Policy 41.5 Kb
01.019.00.pdf GTV Programming Policy and Guidelines 35.2 Kb

02. Legislative and Legal

Name Title Size
02.001.00.pdf City Council and Redevelopment Agency Agenda Reports 3960.4 Kb
02.002.00.pdf Board and Commission Meetings and Distribution of Minutes 314.8 Kb
02.003.00.pdf Street, Alley and Walkway Vacation Procedures 70.7 Kb
02.004.00.pdf Contracting for Architectural, Engineering, or Other Professional Consultant Services When Fees are in Excess of $50,000 2038.8 Kb
02.005.00.pdf Contracting for Professional Services When Fees Are $50,000 or Less 52.8 Kb
02.006.00.pdf Coordination and Administration of Site Development and Major City Building Construction and Remodeling Projects 211.9 Kb
02.007.00.pdf Animal Complaints 739.5 Kb
02.008.00.pdf Completion of Off-site Improvements 979.7 Kb
02.009.00.pdf City Assisted Right-of-Way Acquisition for Subdivision Projects 847.4 Kb
02.010.00.pdf ADA Grievance Procedure 1361 Kb
02.012.0.pdf Film Permit 2425.1 Kb
02.014.0.pdf Property Management & Leasing (Including Real Property Services, Airport Properties & Redevelopment Agency Agreements Involving City Facilities) 374.4 Kb
02.015.00.pdf Subdivision Directional Signs in Public Right-of-Way 942.7 Kb

03. Interdepartmental Services

Name Title Size
03.001.00.pdf I. Central Printing, Duplicating and Copying Services. II. Central Mail and Messenger Service 709.1 Kb
03.002.00.pdf Technical Resources Use and Monitoring Policy 308.1 Kb
03.003.00.pdf I. Changes to Telephone System II. Repairs to Telephone System 1996 Kb
03.004.00.pdf Building Services Requests For Maintenance and Repair 273 Kb
03.005.00.pdf I. Central Stores Supplies and Materials Acquisitions II. Central Stores Stock Removal 1082.5 Kb
03.006.00.pdf Floor Plan Modifications, Furniture Relocations, or Installation of New Furniture 772.2 Kb
03.007.00.pdf Cellular Equipment 630.7 Kb
03.008.00.pdf Lease of Outside Office Space and Relocation of City 270.6 Kb
03.009.00.pdf Video Security Policy 1072.3 Kb
03.011.00.pdf Guidelines for Facebook Usage 1031.5 Kb
03.012.00.pdf Guidelines for Social Media Usage 1100.1 Kb
03.013.00.pdf Guidelines for Twitter Usage 556.4 Kb
03.014.00.pdf Guidelines for Video Posting 917.8 Kb

04. Transportation and Travel

Name Title Size
04.001.00.pdf Travel and Meeting Expense 3784.2 Kb
04.002.00.pdf Assignment, Utilization and Taxation of City-Owned or Leased Vehicles 167.7 Kb
04.002.01.pdf Motor Pool Dispatch Vehicles 78.5 Kb
04.003.00.pdf Vehicle Maintenance 91.2 Kb
04.004.00.pdf Fuel Container Control 29.1 Kb
04.005.00.pdf Toll Lane Usage on Southland Freeways 324.4 Kb
04.006.00.pdf Automobile Allowance 245 Kb
04.007.00.pdf Vehicle/Equipment Idling 38.1 Kb

05. Records Management

Name Title Size
05.001.00.pdf Records Retention and Disposition 863.4 Kb
05.002.00.pdf Forms Design and Control 186.6 Kb
05.003.00.pdf Citizen Inspection of City Records 1335.6 Kb
05.004.00.pdf Citizen Request for Copies of Certified Payrolls Pursuant to Labor Code Section 1776 1013.1 Kb

06. Finance

Name Title Size
06.001.00.pdf I. Annual Budget and Capital Improvement Program Calendar. II. Budget Preparation. III. Annual Preparation of the Capital Improvement Program. 1471 Kb
06.002.00.pdf Credit Card Acceptance Policy 1807.9 Kb
06.003.00.pdf Budget Execution and Expenditure Control 45 Kb
06.004.00.pdf Payroll Preparation and Issue of Pay Checks 511.3 Kb
06.005.00.pdf Equipment and Asset Inventory 911.3 Kb
06.007.00.pdf Cash Handling and Receipt Manual 3100.9 Kb
06.008.00.pdf Municipal Liability Claims Procedure 2639.5 Kb
06.009.00.pdf Accounts Receivable and Billing 530.8 Kb
06.010.00.pdf Vendor Record Database Management 613.5 Kb

07. Purchasing and Contracting

Name Title Size
07.001.00.pdf Purchase Requisition 760.8 Kb
07.002.00.pdf Routine Purchase Orders 517.1 Kb
07.003.00.pdf Change Orders 462.6 Kb
07.004.00.pdf Cancellation of Purchase Orders 21.8 Kb
07.005.00.pdf Petty Cash Purchases Policy and Procedures 70.5 Kb
07.006.00.pdf Request for Payment 1147.8 Kb
07.007.00.pdf Emergency Purchases 28 Kb
07.008.00.pdf Annual Purchase Orders 1443.1 Kb
07.009.00.pdf Vehicle Purchases 533.7 Kb
07.010.00.pdf Equipment Replacement 705.8 Kb
07.011.00.pdf Receiving and Payment for Supplies 547.2 Kb
07.012.00.pdf Surplus or Obsolete Materials and Equipment 765.1 Kb
07.013.00.pdf Donation of Surplus or Obsolete Personal Computers 36.5 Kb
07.014.00.pdf Processing Negotiated Contracts and Agreements 917.1 Kb
07.015.00.pdf Competitive Bids 32.4 Kb
07.016.00.pdf Waiver of Formal Competitive Bids 283.9 Kb
07.017.00.pdf Purchasing Card (P-Card) 2615.8 Kb
07.018.00.pdf FEMA Emergency Purchasing Procedures 314.9 Kb
07.019.00.pdf Bid Protest Procedures 617.2 Kb

08. Real Property

Name Title Size
08.001.00.pdf Real Property Acquisitions 41 Kb
08.002.00.pdf Eminent Domain Action 981.5 Kb
08.003.00.pdf Disposition and Sale of City Owned Real Property 48.3 Kb
08.004.00.pdf Real Property Valuations and Estimates 22.2 Kb
08.005.00.pdf Real Property Records 30.7 Kb
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