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Office of the Mayor

A Clean & Green Riverside

Mayor Ronald O. Loveridge

In the summer of 2005, Mayor Ronald O. Loveridge appointed a Clean & Green Task Force to look into ways for the City to make residents’ lives better by improving the City’s appearance, making City practices more sustainable, and improving air quality.

Headed by Bill Warkentin and Jane Block, the Task Force included people from a wide range of civic organizations, professions and academic institutions. They formed themselves into subcommittees. They took trips to gather information and expand their internal discussions.

They recognized that their work has plenty to build on. The City’s Public Utilities Department has introduced numerous conservation programs and made a commitment to drawing 20% of its power from renewable sources. The Chamber of Commerce has capably run its Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful program. The City has purchased over 200 alternative fuel vehicles.


It is vital to recognize our role as stewards of our world. Rather than consume the globe’s resources, we must use them wisely. We have an obligation to ensure that our grandchildren can live at least as well as we do. Riverside may only represent 300,000 of the world’s 6.65 billion people, but it is the area where we can make an immediate impact and set an example for other communities.

Use the links to the right to read more about Mayor Loveridge's Call to Action and the activities of the Clean & Green Task Force.

The Clean & Green Vision
Sustainable Riverside maximizes energy efficiency and makes the most efficient use of resources, and minimizes negative environmental consequences. Above all, it means meeting the needs of its citizens while not degrading or destroying the natural and constructed systems that will sustain future generations.
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